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October 30, 2019

Machine Data Intelligence Market Heats Up

The rise of connected devices and the flood of unstructured data they churn out is spurring the introduction of new machine data intelligence platforms designed to handle data frequency as well as sheer volume. Adding to the complexity is emerging IT infrastructure requiring monitoring as more tasks are automated.

Comes now the latest platform targeting the challenges presented by the Internet of Things (IoT) and hyper-scale infrastructure from Circonus, a decade-old specialist in data analytics, event processing and use cases such as infrastructure monitoring. Its machine data intelligence platform unveiled this week is aimed at enterprises seeking to keep up with the onslaught of data from generated by sensors and other connected devices while avoiding IT downtime.

Vendors such as Circonus are betting machine data and the ability to perform real-time analytics will attract enterprise customers whose systems are being overwhelmed by sensor and other unstructured data. Along with IoT applications, the Maryland-based company also offers times-series database and infrastructure monitoring tools.

The new platform is built on the company’s time-series database, targeting commercial and industrial IoT use cases along with operational analytics and cloud, application container and DevOps monitoring. It is designed to ingest machine data from devices ranges from servers to robots with claimed millisecond frequency.

“We have created the first machine data intelligence platform that can handle the scale that comes from high-frequency data collection from billions of devices without losing speed, accuracy or cost efficiencies,” said Theo Schlossnagle, founder and CTO of Circonus. “This is the future.”

“We believe that machine data intelligence will fuel the next wave of competitive differentiation and business value,” added Circonus CEO Bob Moul.

Machine data analytics is seen by industry trackers as among the fastest growing segments within the overall business intelligence market. Among the trends driving the use of machine data is its ability to deliver continuous intelligence in real time. Hence, companies like Circonus and Sumo Logic are promoting machine data analytics as a way of organizing, parsing and visualizing data from a growing list of infrastructure and devices.

For example, Sumo Logic’s machine data analytics platform supports a range of container-based infrastructure running on the Kubernetes cluster orchestrator as well as related machine data storage platforms.

The Circonus platform is touted as offering unlimited data access and retention.

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