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September 24, 2019

MemSQL Ups Ante on Cloud Databases

The shift to cloud databases continues to gain momentum with the release of a MemSQL’s Helios cloud service along with the beta release of the company’s latest distributed SQL database.

Helios is billed as a “singlestore” cloud database service available on demand and is touted as “a viable alternative to legacy on-premises vendors like Oracle and SAP,” said Nikita Shamgunov, MemSQL’s co-CEO and co-founder. The cloud-native database is positioned as an “elastic” service best suited for operational analytics along with AI and machine learning applications.

The San Francisco-based database specialist touts is unified approach as eliminating the pain associated with choosing between rowstore or columnstore approaches for workloads. That, the company further claims, eliminates some of the complexity encountered with data management.

The combination of Helios and updated version of its distributed SQL database also is intended to help users move away from specialized databases that are seen as creating data silos while fitting poorly with existing tools and processes. Hence, MemSQL pitches the new platforms as a way to field a general-purpose SQL database with a simplified data structure that also is capable of supporting multiple workloads and data types.

MemSQL said Tuesday (Sept. 24) Helios is available now in the form of private previews.

Meanwhile, MemSQL 7.0 beta is available now for download. It will be generally available in the cloud and for download later this year, the company said.

Along with the singlestore capability, MemSQL also said its updated database includes incremental backup and synchronous data replication.

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