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March 20, 2019

Pivotal Extends GreenPlum, PostgreSQL on Cloud Foundry

A new distribution of the GreenPlum parallel processing analytic database adds enterprise use cases spanning AI, transactions and stream processing.

Along with its latest version of GreenPlum, Pivotal Software also unveiled an open-source Postgres platform targeting applications such as transactional workloads and prototyping. The company also announced collaboration with Crunchy Data to offer its Postgre SQL framework for running both application and container services on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

The cloud-native platform provider (NYSE: PVTL) said this week its GreenPlum 6 version aims to improve Postgres for analytics applications while adding support for “operational” databases via its open-source Postgres offering.

Pivotal said the latest version of GreenPlum combines faster analytic reads and improved write performance to help consolidate analytic and operational workloads. Those include either point or longer analytical queries along with fast event processing.

“Workload consolidation in a single database engine [allows] users to analyze more data without unwanted movement between niche database environments,” the company asserted.

“Consolidating more workloads in one database means users can gain faster operational intelligence with less need to move data, Bob Glithero, Pivotal’s marketing manager, added in a blog post.

Meanwhile, Pivotal’s container service now includes GreenPlumb for Kubernetes, the de facto standard cluster orchestrator. The company said the addition would help automate self-service deployment, management and upgrades of GreenPlum nodes. The new service works in both cloud and cloud-native scenarios.

San Francisco-based Pivotal (NYSE: PVTL) went public in April 2018. It was spun off from VMware (NYSE: VMW) in 2013 to help implement the Cloud Foundry framework. Early investors are Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT).

Along with GreenPlum and Cloud Foundry, Pivotal also contributes to the Apache Geode, the distributed, in-memory database running on its Gemfire data grid.

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