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February 12, 2019

Embedded Analytics Sector Consolidates

Embedded analytics specialist Logi Analytics Inc. is acquiring Jinfonet Software, developer of a Java-based architecture used to embed interactive dashboards and reports into web and other enterprise applications.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisition announced Tuesday (Feb. 12) combines the two leading embedded analytics vendors. Jinfonet’s flagship JReport platform is a Java reporting system designed to deliver integrated business intelligence. JReport can be embedded into applications via a set of APIs. The reports and dashboards also provide interactive data visualization.

Jinfonet, Rockville, Md., said its Java reporting engine runs on in-memory “cubes” and distributed cluster servers.

“Applications are increasingly being driven by analytics,” said Logi Analytics CEO Steven Schneider. “By acquiring Jinfonet, we are creating the dominant provider exclusively focused on embedded analytics.”

The combination also would deliver new workflow capabilities along with the ability to write-back to a database. The buyer also touted Jinfonet’s “pixel-perfect” operational reporting while adding predictive analytics and security integration.

“Embedding analytics is all about contextualized data insights and how we can improve existing applications to enhance workforce efficiency from within the enterprise,” Dean Yao, Jinfonet’s director of marketing, told Datanami in 2017.

Logi Analytics, headquartered just across the Potomac River in Mclean, Va., has been among the leaders in embedding data visualization and other analytics tools into web and mobile applications.

According to a study commissioned by Logi Analytics last fall, embedded analytics accounts for more than half the value in enterprise applications. The company said the survey findings reveal that application developers are attempting to move up the value chain by offering new embedded features such as data visualizations, interactive dashboards and predictive analytics.

Embedded tools also are touted as accelerating the steady shift toward self-service analytics, helping users find their own new data sources, for example. That, in turn, frees developers to concentrate on core applications.

“We will continue investing in the embedded analytics space to bring innovations to application teams that are building mission-critical applications,” Schneider said in announcing the acquisition.

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