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June 22, 2018

HPE Moves Processing Closer to Data

Amid a flurry of cloud and networking initiatives announced by Hewlett Packard Enterprise was a commitment to invest $4 billion over the next four years to develop new technologies and services that would connect soaring data volumes at the network edge to “any cloud.”

The company (NYSE: HPE) unveiled its “intelligent edge” initiative during a company event this week in Las Vegas. It also announced a “pay-as-you-go” hybrid cloud effort designed to automate operations as well as a cloud storage service intended for storage-intensive AI and analytics applications.

“Data is the new intellectual property, and companies that can distill intelligence from their data —whether in a smart hospital or an autonomous car—will be the ones to lead,” said Antonio Neri, HPE’s CEO and president.

The average $1 billion annual investment through 2022 represents a bet that huge volumes of enterprise data generated by network devices will be processed outside a central datacenter or private cloud. “Turning that data into intelligence requires data to be analyzed at the edge, seamlessly and instantaneously, with zero tolerance for friction or latency,” the company added.

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