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March 23, 2018

Apache Zeppelin Launches Latest Data Science Notebook

Staff Report

ZEPL, the startup founded by the creators of interactive data analytics tool Apache Zeppelin, has moved its multi-tenant analytics platform out of beta, announcing its general availability this week.

The platform is among a growing list of data science notebooks aimed at enterprise collaboration in conducting analytics via a single notebook interface. The shared environment also can be used by business analysts and decision makers, the San Francisco-based company noted in releasing it platform on Thursday (March 22).

ZEPL and others are addressing what they claim is a growing requirement to connect data scientists and business analysts who previously relied on legacy communications links that often operated outside data analytics environments. The result, said Sejun Ra, co-founder and CEO at ZEPL, is that collaboration on analytics projects was stymied by siloes that left analysts separated from data.

ZEPL said its data science notebook works “out of the box” across languages ranging from Markdown, Python, Spark, R an SQL. Along with its multi-language backend, the release includes built-in Apache Spark integration that eliminates the need for a separate module, plug-in or library.

Along with visualization capabilities that extend beyond SparkSQL queries, the platform also provides connections to external databases via the Athena interactive query service and a JDBC driver.

Apache Zeppelin joins a growing list of data science notebooks that include Databricks Cloiud, Jupyter (the successor to the iPython Notebook), R MarkdownSpark Notebook and others. Backends to multiple languages include Python, Julia, Scala, SQL and others.

Along with Apache Zeppelin, ZEPL said its platform also supports Jupyter notebooks. It also expands computing resources to handle larger workloads, the startup added.

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