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June 8, 2017

Tibco Launches BI Cloud, Updates Streaming Platform


As self-service data analytics inexorably shifts to the cloud, another business intelligence and analytics tool vendor has rolled out a cloud platform along with an updated version of its streaming analytics framework as a way of expanding its customer base.

Tibco Software said this week its new cloud platform seeks to deliver self-service BI tools to cloud-hosted enterprises while reducing infrastructure burdens for companies ramping up streaming data analytics capabilities.

Tibco, Palo Alto, Calif., and other vendors in the crowded business intelligence sector are striving to differentiate themselves through new offerings such as self-service analytics tools hosted in the cloud. As far back as 2014, market analysts detected an uptick in cloud deployments of BI and analytic applications, as well as the supporting data management and integration apparatus.

For its part, Tibco said its “Live Apps” and cloud integration offerings unveiled on Wednesday (June 7) would allow it to reach new cloud-based users across vertical markets that were previously beyond its traditional customer base. “We are empowering a broad set of users with self-service tools that promote digital experimentation so that IT can focus on more mission-critical enablers,” noted Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, Tibco’s vice president for product management.

Shifting analytics workloads to the cloud is also part of the transition to so-called “low-code” IT platforms designed to take some of the pressure off DevOps teams while allowing users to contribute to application development process.

Separately, Tibco released the latest version of its StreamBase streaming analytics platform that combines predictive analytics with streaming technologies. The company said its StreamBase 10 platform targets real-time use cases such as the Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The updated platform is designed to help developers continuously deliver streaming analytics applications through support for predictive and emerging machine learning models. Those models along with other streaming data can then be combined with static, contextual data to drive real-time business intelligence, the company claimed.

Along with combining streaming and contextual data, the company is promoting the new StreamBase features as a framework for IoT applications requiring real-time analytics for data flowing from thousands of devices.

Those IoT applications have also grabbed the attention of major public cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services, which unveiled an IoT cloud service this week dubbed Greengrass designed to shift cloud computing to edge devices. The framework also is designed to help users analyze and respond to the data streams generated by connected devices.

The updated streaming analytics platform is among several new IoT initiatives launched this year by Tibco. For example, its acquisition last month of data science platform vendor Statistica adds new IoT analytics capabilities to its BI platforms.

The company said the acquisition would give it “rigorous modeling and validation tools for machine learning and deep learning.”

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