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February 1, 2017

VoltDB Combines Streaming, Global Data


Emphasizing its ability to ingest and analyze “data in the moment,” in-memory relational database specialist VoltDB rolled out the latest version of its flagship platform that includes new features to support streaming data flowing from everything from industrial sensors to slot machines.

Version 7.0 of the VoltDB database seeks to strike a balance between high availability along with data consistency, on the one hand, and scaling to manage more transactions while generating more analytics on the other.

In terms of performance, the scale-out SQL database technology vendor said Wednesday (Feb. 1) the latest version adds multi-site and clustering along with various version of cross-datacenter replication. Geographically dispersed datacenters are leveraged to boost availability, reduce application latency and spread workloads across multiple datacenters.

On the analytics side, VoltDB stressed that its latest database expands support for continuous queries over fast-moving event streams, including real-time streaming data via Amazon Web Services’ (NASDAQ: AMZN) Kinesis stream ingestion and export tool. Support also has been expanded for the Kafka Connect tool certified by Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka. The utility is used to stream data between Apache Kafka and other data platforms.

The new database targets transaction-heavy service providers in sectors ranging from financial services to telecommunications with widely dispersed operations along with distributed computing and storage. In order to support more subscribers, for example, database vendors such as VoltDB are betting the Internet of Things and mobile edge implementation will require in-memory SQL databases with real-time capabilities that can be scaled with minimum latency.

With that in mind, VoltDB stressed version 7.0 focuses on “critical applications that require high transactional throughput and low latency.”

Previous versions of the VoltDB platform added new connectors to the Hadoop ecosystem that has been moving steadily toward in-memory analytics and stream processing via Kafka and Apache Spark. Those and the latest upgrades to the VoltDB platform continue to cater to clients such as banks and telcos that need to process transactions quickly.

Hadoop has emerged as the repository for most unstructured data generated by large organizations. The latest version of the VoltDB platform seeks to allow analysts to churn through all that streaming data housed in far-flung datacenters in real time.

VoltDB, Bedford, Mass., said the latest version of its database can be licensed for both on-premise and cloud deployments. It also is available on the AWS app store.

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