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October 22, 2015

Michael Dell Talks EMC, Hybrid Cloud, PCs at Dell World

Alison Diana

A week after Dell acquired EMC, the Texas company’s premier client event resonated with its emphasis on end-to-end devices, customer-centric solutions, and building for the future.

“Dell is set to become an enterprise solutions powerhouse,” said Michael Dell, chairman and chief executive officer at Dell told CIOs and business executives in a keynote today. “We are set to build the world’s infrastructure for the next 20, 30 years. You’re going to cure cancer. You’re going to feed the world. We have the vision, the infrastructure, and the horsepower to help you dream that big.”

From tablets and sensors to high performance computers and hybrid cloud, Dell’s offerings span the gamut of enterprise (plus consumer and SMB needs), he said. Now, coupled with the EMC family of solutions in areas such as virtualization, storage, and security, the new $80-billion entity’s capabilities have grown exponentially, Dell said.

“We believe a Dell/EMC combination offers unique value which is good for Dell, good for EMC and very good for each of you, and all of it under a private company structure, investing for the long-term, no 90-day clock shop, complete alignment from our investments in R&D to our executives and ownership completely focused on you,” he added.

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