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October 2, 2015

CMU and Boeing Establish Aerospace Data Analytics Lab

John Russell

Carnegie Mellon University and The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) announced plans this week to establish the Boeing/Carnegie Mellon Aerospace Data Analytics Lab, a new academic research initiative that will leverage the university’s leadership in machine learning, language technologies and data analytics. This is more evidence of the collision between big data and HPC spurring academic-industry collaboration.

The goal, say CMU and Boeing, is to find ways to use artificial intelligence and big data to capitalize on the enormous amount of data generated in the design, construction and operation of modern aircraft. Creating a maintenance schedule determined by the actual flight history and component performance for each airplane, rather than historic norms for similar aircraft, is just one of the possibilities.

Ted Colbert, Boeing’s chief information officer, described the lab as a unique aerospace partnership which will address the company’s evolving business needs. “We’re aiming to push the technology envelope,” Colbert said. “We have the best and the brightest faculty at a leading institution focused on how we can innovate and solve business challenges for today and into the future.”

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