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October 6, 2014

Top Five Big Data Analytics Use Case that Yield High Returns

You’ve been collecting data for years. Now you can use it to grow your business and gain a competitive edge.

Breakthrough Insights Create Competitive Advantage

Today’s data-driven companies have a serious competitive edge because they have breakthrough insights no one else has. They’re bringing together all of their structured and unstructured data – their big data – and analyzing it together, all at once. If you tried to do this with traditional business intelligence, you’d spend too much time collecting, preparing, and analyzing your fragmented and unstructured data (or waiting for IT to do it). Traditional BI also can’t analyze unstructured data like social media, web, machine sensors, and mobile interactions because conventional EDWs simply can’t handle it.

The Key Is Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is the key to unlocking the insights from all your data types, as it enables you to analyze all of your structured, semi-structured and unstructured customer data together. It enables you to combine, integrate and analyze all of your data at once – regardless of source, type, size, or format – to generate the insights needed to address a wide range of business challenges.

For example, Datameer’s big data analytics software enables the fastest time to insights from big data. It’s simple to use so that anyone can use it. There’s no need for a data scientist to model, integrate, cleanse, prepare, analyze and visualize your data, as Datameer provides a one-stop-shop for getting all data types and data volumes into Hadoop; quickly analyzing that data; and visualizing results using wizard-based data integration, point-and-click analytics, and drag-and-drop visualizations.

Let’s take a look at the top five use cases for big data analytics.

Use Case #1: Customer Analytics

To improve customer conversion rates, personalize campaigns, reduce customer churn, and more, marketers need to analyze data from lots of customer interaction points like mobile, social media, stores, and e-commerce sites. With big data analytics from Datameer, you can aggregate and analyze all of this data at once, yielding insights you never had before – for example, who are your high-value customers, what motivates them to buy, how they behave, and how to best reach them.

Use Case #2: Operational Analytics: Understanding Machines, Devices and Human Interactions

Manufacturing, operations, service and product executives face intense pressure to optimize asset utilization, budgets, performance and service quality. IT executives can help by using big data analytics to unlock insights buried in log, sensor and machine data and structured CRM, ERP, other data. Datameer customers are detecting outliers; running time series and root cause analyses; and parsing, transforming and visualizing data for insights that improve asset management decisions and ROI.

Use Case #3: Fraud and Compliance

Data-driven insights can help you uncover what’s hidden and suspicious – and in time to mitigate risks. With big data analytics, you can combine, integrate and analyze all of your risk-related data at once to generate the insights and metrics needed to detect fraud and compliance issues. For example, you can perform time series analysis, data profiling and accuracy calculations, data standardization, root cause analysis, breach detection, and fraud scoring, identity verifications, risk profiles, and data visualizations.

Use Case #4: Data-Driven Products and Services

Savvy companies are leveraging big data analytics to create new, data-driven products and services that differentiate their business and drive revenue. For example, a media company is using Datameer to provide brands and advertisers with reports about how customers behave using mobile apps so they can optimize ads and boost responses. And a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications uses Datameer to provide customers with reports on how end users are actually using their software.

Use Case #5: EDW Optimization

EDWs are critical business and IT resources today – but as the size and complexity of the data to be analyzed increases, you’ll eventually hit the limits of traditional data warehouses. By offloading the most challenging data management and analytics activities to big data analytics solutions like Datameer that runs on Hadoop, you can cost effectively scale to any volume of data and store and analyze any and all data types together – both structured and unstructured.


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