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December 5, 2011

Netuitive Banking on Predictive Analytics

Datanami Staff

The financial services industry as a whole has been a prime target for companies with the capability to harness massive, diverse data. While we tend to hear quite a bit from the application vendor camp, there is increasing noise from the big data management and monitoring side.

Netuitive, which was recognized today by a leading banking technology magazine as one of the top 10 companies to watch for new developments, has already made some advances into the banking industry. They claim to provide eight of the top ten global banks with predictive analytics capabilities, including Morgan Stanley, which uses the company’s software to manage and keep an eye on the analytics running across its private cloud.

In essence, Netuitive is harnessing predictive analytics to make the management and monitoring of big data in finance more streamlined. One can make the case that while monitoring the health of an application has always been important, as the complexity and scale of these applications step up, so too should the management capabilities behind it.

According to Netuitive, the key to their banking appeal lies in their Behavior Learning Engine, which matches real-time performance and application data from a multitude of data sources to monitor mission-critical applications. This is the core basis of their monitoring platform, which has a predictive analytics capability built on top, allowing for swift monitoring—and the ability to keep an eye on the complex applications, especially those in virtualized or otherwise non-traditional environments.

Nicola Sanna, CEO of Netuitive says that “Large global banks were early adopters of virtualization and the first to address performance challenges in exponentially more complex IT environments.  They quickly learned that only through machine-driven analysis could they achieve service level visibility and ensure quality of experience for critical services. Predictive analytics is now becoming recognized as a must-have for application performance management in large environments made even more complex by virtualization and cloud computing.”

The company says that their “open” solution can provide monitoring and management to challenging environments and can be incorporated virtually into any existing monitoring data source. Sanna explains this and the core concept behind the Netuitive software below.