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What is Presto?

Source: Ahana
Release Date: Jan 14, 2021

Data comes in many different shapes and sizes for today’s businesses. As the amount of data continues to explode, more data is being created and stored in many different ways and places than ever before. And companies need actionable insights on this data, many times in real-time, to make business-critical decisions. This is where Presto comes in.

Presto is a fast, flexible distributed SQL query engine that enables querying data where it lives. In this whitepaper, we’ll dive into the Presto technology and discuss how companies use it for federated queries and ad hoc analytics on S3-based data lakes and other data sources.

We’ll cover a brief history of the Presto project, its architecture, how to execute a query, common Presto use cases and how companies use Presto in production today, and how to get started with Presto.

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