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Cloud Report 2021 — Benchmarking Performance & Cost: GCP vs. AWS. vs. Azure

Source: Cockroach Labs
Release Date: Feb 12, 2021

The 2021 Cloud Report is the only cloud performance report to compare AWS, Azure, and GCP on benchmarks that reflect critical applications and workloads.

Read the report from Cockroach Labs to learn:

  • Which cloud is the most cost efficient
  • How to evaluate performance tradeoffs
  • How to assess the cost/benefit of disks and CPU processors

About the Report: The annual Cockroach Labs Cloud Report benchmarks AWS, Azure, and Google against each other, compiling results from over 1,000 microbenchmark tests. The big three are benchmarked on: CPU performance, network throughput and latency, storage read/write performance, and the TPC-C database benchmark.

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