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PlanetScale Unveils Distributed MySQL Database Service Based on Vitess

PlanetScale today took the wraps off its new database as a service based on Vitess, the horizontally distributed branch of MySQL that was developed at YouTube. Folks who have struggled with eventual consistency and schem Read more…

Machine Learning Education: 3 Paths to Get Started

Machine learning is the predictive heart of big data analytics, and one of the key skills that separates data scientists from mere analysts. But getting started with machine learning can be a challenge. Here are a few wa Read more…

Google Launches Video Analytics Challenge

It's time to organize all those YouTube cat videos. A competition designed to develop classification algorithms for labeling millions of YouTube videos is designed to sort out Google's video trove by creating new search tools for archived footage. The search giant and YouTube owner (NASDAQ: GOOGL) announced the video classification challenge this week that includes cash prizes up to $30,000. Read more…