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2020 Election: Five Ways to Improve the Accuracy of Polls

There has been a lot of handwringing from professional pollsters regarding the failure to predict President Trump’s victory in 2016. Not a lot has changed when it comes to the mechanisms for detecting political signals Read more…

Data Transparency: Lessons from COVID-19

The rate of increase in COVID-19 infections is starting to level off in the hardest hit areas, which is great news for the world. We’re not out of danger yet, but experts are beginning to question how authorities handl Read more…

ML and BI Are Coming Together, Gartner Says

The convergence of machine learning and business intelligence is upon us, as BI tool makers increasingly are exposing ML capabilities to users, and users are performing ML activities in their BI tools. That’s according Read more…

Gartner: Augmented Analytics Ready for Prime Time

Augmented analytics, an approach that uses machine learning, natural language processing and other automation tools, is poised to dominate the data analysis and business intelligence markets by 2020, according to a close Read more…

This Just In

Yellowfin and Exasol Announce Partnership

Jul 29, 2020 |

July 29, 2002 — Yellowfin, an analytics vendor, announced a one-stop purchase capability for its flagship analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform with Exasol, the analytics database. Together, the two companies deliver unrivaled performance for better data-driven decision-making. Read more…

Yellowfin Accelerates the Development of Analytical Applications with Version 9.2 Release

Jun 16, 2020 |

MELBOURNE, June 16, 2020 – Yellowfin has released version 9.2 with capabilities that transform embedded BI and analytical app development. Find the full feature list here:

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New Yellowfin 9.1 Release Enhances Action-based Dashboards, Data Storytelling, and Reporting

Apr 6, 2020 |

MELBOURNE, Australia, April 6, 2020 —  Yellowfin, an analytics vendor, announced the release of version 9.1, which further enhances the user experience of analysts, developers, and business users in Yellowfin’s action-based dashboards, data storytelling, and reporting.

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