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Virtualitics Takes Data Viz Tech from Stars to Wall Street

You can’t know what you can’t see. That sums up the approach to data by Virtualitics, which was spun out of Caltech to commercialize AI-powered data visualization technology originally developed for astronomy. With t Read more…

Air Force Looks to AI to Help Maintain Bombers, ICBMs

The United States Air Force Global Strike Command will deploy artificial intelligence technology in a bid to increase the reliability of its nuclear bombers and ICBMs as part of an expansion of its partnership with Virtu Read more…

This Just In

Virtualitics Secures $37M in Series C Funding, Pioneering the Future of AI-Powered Data Exploration

Aug 11, 2023 |

PASADENA, Calif., Aug. 11, 2023 – Virtualitics, Inc., an artificial intelligence and data exploration company, announced that it has raised $37 million in a Series C financing round led by Smith Point Capital, LLC with participation from Citi and advisory clients of The Hillman Company, among other investors. Read more…