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NebulaGraph Completes Series A to Scale Its Distributed Graph Database

NebulaGraph, an open source database created by Hangzhou, China-based company Vesoft, announced it has raised an undisclosed amount totaling tens of millions of dollars in a Series A funding round. The company touts i Read more…

Nebula Graph Joins Database Race

As the open source Nebula Graph database moves closer to commercial availability, the technology’s developer has announced an early funding round led by several Chinese investors. VEsoft Inc. said this week it would Read more…

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Nebula Graph Database Raises $8M in Series Pre-A Funding

Jun 15, 2020 |

June 15, 2020 – VEsoft Inc., the developer of the Nebula Graph database, announced it raised $8M in a series pre-A funding round. The lead investor is Redpoint China Ventures. Read more…