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d-Matrix Gets Funding to Build SRAM ‘Chiplets’ for AI Inference

Hardware startup d-Matrix says the $44 million it raised in a Series A round today will help it continue development of a novel “chiplet” architecture that uses 6 nanometer chip embedded in SRAM memory modules for ac Read more…

Chip Shortage Hurts AI, But Hardware Just Part of the Story

The impacts of the chip shortage can be spotted everywhere: from higher prices on home appliances to empty new car lots to higher prices for consumer devices. Processor-hungry AI applications are feeling the pinch, but a Read more…

This Just In

NUS Engineers Quintuple the Efficiency of Moving Data Bits in Silicon Chips for AI Applications

Jun 11, 2020 |

June 11, 2020 — The Green IC research team at NUS has developed an innovative technique that allows the transfer of bits (the basic unit of information in computing) across a silicon chip up to five times more efficiently than standard setups. Read more…