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A Dozen Questions for Databricks CTO Matei Zaharia

Matei Zaharia is a very busy man. When he’s not helping to shape the future of Databricks as its CTO, he is helping to shape the future of computer science as an assistant professor at Stanford University.  He also fi Read more…

Will the Presto Community Ever Be United Again?

If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s drama in Presto-land. There are now two versions of the open source SQL query engine, PrestoDB and PrestoSQL, and each of them have different software foundations behind them. The Read more…

Acumos Project Aims for Reusable AI Standard

The Linux Foundation, AT&T, and Tech Mahindra last week launched a new initiative to make it easier to use emerging artificial intelligence technology by creating a standard for reusing machine learning models. Dubbe Read more…

This Just In

New, Free Training Course Teaches Fundamentals of Serverless on Kubernetes

Sep 10, 2020 |

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept. 10 — Serverless computing, where computing loads are run using a service layer (or ‘function’)  to dynamically configure and deploy cloud environments, has taken off these last few years. Read more…