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What Will AI Bring in 2018? Experts Sound Off

Jan 2, 2018 |

Artificial intelligence had a breakout year in 2017. But considering the technological and business momentum, AI is poised to have an even bigger year. Here’s a peek at what AI could bring us in 2018 year according to industry and tech experts. Read more…

Can Big Data Tame the Chaos of Virtualized IT?

Feb 23, 2017 |

The “software-defined” revolution is driving private data centers toward AWS-like efficiency. However, the virtualization of hardware, storage, and networking—not to mention agile coding techniques and a rapid-fire “DevOps” culture–also makes it much more difficult for IT professionals to track down problems. Read more…

Four Ways to Visualize Big Streaming Data Now

Feb 22, 2017 |

Every day, the data deluge continues to grow.  From clickstreams and transaction logs to mobile apps and the IoT, big data threatens to overwhelm customers relying on traditional BI tools to analyze it. Read more…

All Eyes On AI in 2017

Jan 5, 2017 |

This might be the easiest 2017 prediction to make: Artificial intelligence will continue to generate big headlines and command a considerable share of the corporate pocketbook as companies look to bolster their products and services with more automated decision making and human-like qualities. Read more…

Elastic Stack Searches for Bigger Data Problems

Nov 28, 2016 |

Elastic is best known as the commercial vendor behind Elasticsearch, the open source search engine that’s widely used around the world. But with this month’s release of Elastic Stack V5, the company is staking a claim with a wider range of big data processing capabilities, including graph analytics and visualization. Read more…

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