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Back to Basics: Governance, Quality, Security Grab the Spotlight at Strata Data Conference

Sep 27, 2019 |

The Wild West days of big data may not be totally gone, but it sort of felt that way this week on the Strata Data Conference’s Expo floor. Yes, there were vendors hawking the latest machine learning technology, but there were an equal number of vendors targeting basic tasks around data management, such as finding it, cleaning it, governing it, and making sure it’s not going to get your company fined $1 billion or get your CIO fired. Read more…

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Privacera Announces Latest Version of the Privacera Platform for Secure Data Sharing in Databricks

Jun 17, 2020 |

FREEMONT, Calif., June 17, 2020 – Privacera, the cloud data governance and security provider founded by the creators of Apache Ranger, announced the latest version of the Privacera Platform, an enterprise data governance and security solution for machine learning and analytic workloads in the public cloud. Read more…

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