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Peak:AIO Cranks the Storage Throughput for Affordable AI Data Serving

Organizations that want to keep their pricey GPUs fed with data for machine learning training purposes but don’t want to break the bank with a big parallel file system installation may be interested in a fast new NFS-b Read more…

This Just In

PEAK:AIO Demonstrates Superior Performance in AI Data Server, Surpassing Industry Benchmarks

Dec 12, 2023 |

MANCHESTER, England, Dec. 12, 2023 — PEAK:AIO today announced the release of a white paper detailing how a global tier-one vendor recently assessed a single PEAK:AIO AI Data Server and found it to surpass the recently published benchmarks of leading AI GPUDirect storage vendors. Read more…

PEAK:AIO Partners with Stormgrid to Accelerate High Performance AI Solutions

Aug 7, 2023 |

MANCHESTER, England, Aug. 7, 2023 — PEAK:AIO, a provider of a transformative software defined storage platform designed to meet the needs of artificial intelligence, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Stormgrid, a provider of cutting-edge hybrid artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Read more…

PEAK:AIO Incorporates Micron’s 30TB Drives for Optimized AI Performance

Jun 20, 2023 |

MANCHESTER, England, June 20, 2023 — PEAK:AIO has announced that it has collaborated with Scan and Micron Technology, Inc. to deliver unparalleled artificial intelligence (AI) performance and scalability with PEAK:AIO’s introduction of Micron’s ground-breaking 30TB drives. Read more…