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Governance, Privacy, and Ethics at the Forefront of Data in 2021

Jan 21, 2021 |

As we continue to gear up 2021, it’s hard to envision the topics of data governance, privacy, and ethics not becoming more pressing topics for companies. While the rewards of using data are great, so too are the risks connected with abusing, losing, and misusing data, and those risks are becoming ever more clear. Read more…

Who’s Winning the Cloud Database War

Dec 2, 2020 |

Three-quarters of all databases will be deployed or migrated to the cloud within two years, Gartner said today in its much-anticipated report on cloud database management systems. The big cloud companies are winning their share of battles, but there’s plenty of market share available for smaller and nimbler database providers too. Read more…

Can Isima Be the Nutanix of Data Management?

Oct 14, 2020 |

Despite the technological advances in big data, companies continue to struggle to put it all together and manage data in an effective way. Now a company called Isima is stepping forward with a plan to build a platform that combines multiple data management disciplines–including ESBs, EDWs, ETL, and BI–into one hyperconverged system, or what its CEO dubs “the Nutanix of data management.”

We’ve gone through three distinct architectural phases in building big data systems, according to Darshan Rawal, the CEO and co-founder of Isima. Read more…

VC Ben Horowitz Dishes on Hadoop, AI, and Data Culture

Sep 9, 2020 |

Don’t mistake Ben Horowitz as big fan of Hadoop. “The product was just never good,” the noted venture capitalist said today in a wide-ranging fireside chat with Sisu CEO Peter Bailis during the Future Data Conference. Read more…

Microsoft Now Developing Its Own Hadoop

Aug 26, 2020 |

Hadoop might be dead, but that’s not stopping public cloud providers from using it. The latest to make a move is Microsoft Azure, which in July announced that it would begin developing its own distribution under its HDInsight brand. Read more…

News In Brief

Cloudera CEO: Enterprise Data Cloud Vision Nearly Complete

Dec 8, 2020 |

The hard work may be paying off for Cloudera, the embattled former Hadoop distributor that’s been pivoting to an enterprise data cloud strategy for the past year-and-a-half. With the delivery of an on-prem version of its Cloudera Data Platform last quarter and support for Google Cloud expected in early 2021, the company is close to fulfilling its vision for an enterprise data cloud, CEO Rob Bearden said. Read more…

A ‘Breakout Year’ for ModelOps, Forrester Says

Sep 11, 2020 |

The rapid maturation of machine learning operations (ModelOps) tools is leading to a “breakout year” for ModelOps, Forrester says in a recent report.

The ML lifecycle is a potential nightmare for many organizations, write Forrester analysts Mike Gualtieri and Kjell Carlsson in an August report, titled “Introducing ModelOps to Operationalize AI.”

“This process takes too long and is fraught with technical and business challenges, just with one model,” the analysts write. Read more…

Snowflake to Make it SNOW on NYSE

Aug 25, 2020 |

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Snowflake confidentially filed for an IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Yesterday, the Silicon Valley-based cloud data warehousing company made it official: Read more…

MR3 Unleashes Hive on Kubernetes

Feb 18, 2020 |

Organizations that want to take advantage of the latest capabilities in Apache Hive but don’t want to deal with painful Hadoop upgrades or difficult LLAP configurations have another option in the form of MR3, a new execution engine for Hive that runs natively on Hadoop and Kubernetes. Read more…

What to Expect at Strata This Week

Sep 23, 2019 |

We knew that big data was also fast. But what we didn’t fully grasp perhaps was just how fast the technology changes. This week’s Strata Data Conference is setting up to be a prime example of the punctuated equilibrium we’re currently experiencing. Read more…

This Just In

Cloudera Supercharges the Enterprise Data Cloud with NVIDIA

Oct 5, 2020 |

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 5, 2020 — Cloudera announced today a new collaboration with NVIDIA that will help Cloudera customers accelerate data engineering, analytics, machine learning and deep learning performance with the power of NVIDIA GPU computing across public and private clouds. Read more…

Cloudera Introduces Analytic Experiences for Cloudera Data Platform to Simplify the Data Lifecycle

Sep 17, 2020 |

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 17, 2020 Cloudera, (NYSE: CLDR), the enterprise data cloud company, today announced new enterprise data cloud services on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), CDP Data Engineering; Read more…

Talend Data Fabric Now Certified on Cloudera Data Platform

Aug 20, 2020 |

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug. 20, 2020 — Talend, provider of data integration and data integrity, announced that it has extended its collaboration with Cloudera by certifying on the Cloudera Data Platform. Read more…

Qlik Now Certified on Cloudera Data Platform

Aug 19, 2020 |

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 19, 2020 – Qlik announced that it has been certified on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). As a Cloudera Certified Technology partner, the Qlik Data Analytics platform has been tested, validated and certified to work with Cloudera Data Platform to help joint customers maximize their value and use of data in the cloud. Read more…

Pepperdata Certified on Cloudera Data Platform

Aug 19, 2020 |

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 19, 2020 — Pepperdata announced that it has been certified on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). Pepperdata Enterprise Suite is now a Cloudera Certified Technology and has been tested, validated and certified to work with Cloudera Data Platform. Read more…

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