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August 22, 2022

Yellowbrick Showcases New Release of Cloud Data Warehouse at Gartner Summit

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 22, 2022 — Yellowbrick Data, a leader in Distributed Data Cloud for data warehousing, announced the first public debut of the latest release of its cloud data warehouse from the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit. Cloud-native and built on Kubernetes, the Yellowbrick data warehouse elastically scales with growing organizational needs, supports hybrid and multi-cloud deployment, sets the foundation for data mesh and data fabrics, enhances data lakes and lakehouses, and every other buzzword relevant to the business world today.

Attendees – with their own eyes – will witness the platform’s pre-canned/can’t-fail demonstrations in action at Booth #300 along with mind-blowing PowerPoint presentations with impressive builds.

Yellowbrick Now | Engagement Zone

Attendees are also encouraged to make their way over to the more expansive Yellowbrick Now Engagement Zone. Here, attendees will find a larger message-laden oasis uniquely positioned at the bottom of one of the conference’s main escalators and located conveniently next to the restrooms. This location and construct are designed to deposit all attendees using this Atlantic Hall stairway directly into the Yellowbrick Engagement Zone.

“During their journey to the cloud, companies look to Yellowbrick to help them manage a complex set of incompatible data management and analytics solutions spanning public cloud and on-premises data centers, and to eliminate cloud concentration risk,” said Tim Young, CMO at Yellowbrick. “At this event, we continue to help people on their journey by immersing them in a virtual racing experience where they can imagine themselves in a Formula One race car, driving away from the oppressive Orlando August heat.”

Status Quo Messaging

The acceleration of cloud adoption among large data-driven organizations and a mandate to eliminate concentration risk means global enterprises have already outgrown single cloud data warehouse solutions, ushering in the next generation of data warehousing: the distributed data cloud.

Yellowbrick’s data warehouse, with its distributed data cloud, is the obvious choice for large enterprises and partners for its simplicity, performance, efficiency, and ability to scale on-demand, seamlessly.

About the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit provides insights for data and analytics leaders to enable a data- and-analytics-centric culture within their organizations by tying strategy to business outcomes and promoting the adoption of technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), while creating a resilient culture that accelerates change and where data literacy, digital trust, governance, and data-driven critical thinking are pervasive.

About Yellowbrick Data

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is a modern, elastic data warehouse with separate storage and compute that runs on-premises and in the cloud. Yellowbrick enables large-scale enterprises to eliminate complexity, reduce risk, and predict and control costs by running all their data anywhere, across multi-cloud and on-premises instances.

Yellowbrick allows enterprises to run complex queries on live data at a petabyte scale in their own cloud account, while supporting high concurrency with fast, interactive query response to customers’ most challenging business questions. Yellowbrick Data, based on the Distributed Data Cloud architecture, was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Learn more at

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