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July 21, 2020

Yellowbrick, Nexla Partner to Deliver Data Operations and Analytics for Intercompany Data Collaboration

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 21, 2020 — Hybrid cloud data warehouse company Yellowbrick Data announced their partnership with Nexla. Both Yellowbrick and Nexla have customers with huge data needs across a variety of enterprise applications. Together, they provide a cutting-edge platform for intercompany data collaboration between or among a company’s customers, suppliers, or other third-party data providers such as market intelligence firms or macroeconomic data vendors. As part of their partnership, the companies are working on technical certifications and performance tuning as well as joint go-to-market opportunities.

“Nexla focuses on data collaboration among a company and all its various partners and has developed a solution that is both highly scalable and highly secure,” said Allen Holmes, vice president of business development at Yellowbrick Data. “With the tremendous performance and implementation flexibility of Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud data warehouse, enterprises can gain faster time to insights from a variety of data sets critical to their business operations and success.”

“Yellowbrick is an ideal partner for us and our customers, who know that today data is a key driver of innovation and only by leading with data insights can they survive and thrive in these challenging and competitive times,” said Saket Saurabh, CEO at Nexla. “Our scalable and secure solution for intercompany data collaboration, integration, and operations in real time is a perfect match for the performance, ease of use, and hybrid cloud expertise of Yellowbrick. Enterprises using us both together can gain better insights faster and act on them to optimize their business outcomes.”

Nexla is a data operations platform that helps teams create scalable, repeatable, and predictable data flows for any data use case. Its no-code SaaS tools give analysts, operations, and business teams the self-service ability to discover, integrate, prepare, and deliver data from internal systems, ecosystem partners, and SaaS services into the Yellowbrick data warehouse. Moreover, engineers can collaboratively help the data users, while getting the benefit of automated operations, extensibility via APIs, and choice-of-anywhere deployment.

The Nexla partnership is part of Yellowbrick’s ongoing strategy to build the most complete and robust partner ecosystem in the data warehousing industry. Thanks to a familiar, standards-based PostgreSQL front end, customers can confidently deploy Yellowbrick knowing that they can leverage their existing database infrastructure and employee skill sets associated with innovating pioneers such as Nexla—without having to worry about complex integration. The combination of Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud technology and complementary solutions such as Nexla can help enterprises improve data analytics capabilities, achieve faster time to insights, facilitate more effective business decision-making, and innovate and thrive in the competitive global marketplace. And they can do this with ease and speed, because Yellowbrick plugs in seamlessly with very little operational overhead.

About Nexla

Nexla is a leader in modern data integration and operations, delivering the industry’s only self-service solution that helps data teams work collaboratively to scale to the challenges of increasing data heterogeneity. Nexla’s any-to-any integration architecture seamlessly supports real-time, streaming, and batch data, delivering faster time to market for data-driven analytics, AI, and business operations. Underneath, the intelligent data fabric core continuously learns from data and metadata, delivering automated data discovery, schema management, and data operations. Today enterprises across finance, ecommerce, marketing, and advertising empower their data users with Nexla to accelerate their innovation and digital transformation.

About Yellowbrick Data

Yellowbrick Data provides the world’s only modern data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Enterprises rely on Yellowbrick Data Warehouse to power critical business outcomes and get answers to the hardest business questions for improved profitability, better customer loyalty, and faster innovation in near real time, and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. Yellowbrick offers superior price/performance for thousands of concurrent users on petabytes of data, along with the unique ability to run analytic workloads on premises, in a private cloud, and/or in any public cloud and manage them in a simple, consistent way—all with predictable pricing via fixed-cost annual subscription. Learn more at

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