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November 16, 2023

Weaviate Strengthens Partnership with AWS to Make it Easier for Developers to Build Generative AI Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2023 — Weaviate today announced several achievements as a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). Each example illustrates how Weaviate’s open source vector database makes it easier to build generative AI applications on AWS.

Weaviate helps AWS customers rapidly build, prototype, and deploy semantic search and generative AI applications, minimizing data privacy risks and reducing time to market. With the introduction of the Weaviate service to the AWS Marketplace earlier this year, developers now have an easy and secure way to deploy their vector database inside a customer virtual private cloud (VPC). This means organizations can offer retrieval augmented generation (RAG) applications that use proprietary data to reduce hallucinations and deliver better user experience while keeping customer data safe.

“It’s critical that the answers we provide to our customers through Instabase’s AI Hub are always relevant and informed, with references back to the source to double-check the AI,” said Anant Bhardwaj, CEO at Instabase. “Building with AWS and Weaviate allows us to innovate at the speed customers need while keeping accuracy, data privacy, and explainability top of mind.”

“Weaviate’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for developers to build and deploy secure, stateful, explainable AI applications,” said Bob van Luijt, CEO of Weaviate. “Our work with AWS in this area is a big step toward helping organizations realize the value of generative AI in production.”

To build upon the value of using Weaviate on AWS, Weaviate recently released native integration with Amazon Bedrock, a serverless API that enables teams to connect to any foundation model. In addition, Weaviate offers integration with Amazon SageMaker, a machine learning (ML) platform that helps developers build, train, and deploy models. These integrations further enable developers, data scientists, and data engineers to deploy powerful vector search inside of their existing ML frameworks, with easy procurement through AWS Marketplace.

Vector databases are critical to building applications with LLMs and existing data infrastructure. Weaviate is now added to the newly created Generative AI category within AWS Marketplace, which helps AWS customers quickly find trusted solutions to next generation conversational and RAG applications.

“AWS customers of all sizes are looking to harness the potential of AI,” said David Roldán, Head of Startup Business Development for EMEA at AWS. “Our partnership with Weaviate means our startup customers can bring trusted AI solutions to market faster and with less overhead.”

About Weaviate

Weaviate‘s open source vector database and AI platform is used by developers worldwide to bring AI applications to market faster. Weaviate users can easily leverage hybrid search, RAG, and generative feedback loops to build reliable, explainable, and stateful AI applications while maintaining control over their own data. To learn more about Weaviate and its solutions on AWS, please visit Weaviate’s re:Invent booth #1620 in Las Vegas from November 27 to November 30.

Source: Weaviate