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September 14, 2020

Virtual Advisor for Business Data, crystal, Launches in the U.S. Market

MILAN and NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2020 — Following 20 months of growth across Europe, iGenius, the creator of, a virtual advisor for business data, announced its expansion into the U.S. This market expansion coincides with the beta launch of crystal 2.0. As the CEO moves to the U.S. and opens a New York City office, the company will invite select companies to become beta users for crystal 2.0.

Crystal is an augmented analytics advisor that combines sophisticated understanding of business data and jargon with a seamless conversational and humanized user experience. The platform allows any user, regardless of analytics training, to extract value from their business data stream and receive direction when making data-driven decisions. Putting siloed and complex data into one conversational interface, crystal answers questions and gives data-based insights via voice or easy-to-read data stories. These insights make advanced connections between data sources with the help of machine learning, and enrich responses with advice and data-driven next best actions. Furthermore, this approach streams, rather than copies, data and can cut energy consumption from data computing by 50%.

For the dozens of Fortune 500 clients using crystal in Europe–including international giants like Enel, Allianz and Janssen (owned by Johnson & Johnson)–crystal has delivered time, energy and cost savings through data democratization. In the U.S., iGenius will recruit crystal 2.0 beta users from industries including, but not limited to energy, finance and healthcare. crystal is designed to work for any industry and learn jargon quickly; its algorithms and techniques are sector agnostic.

“I could not be more thrilled to be expanding to the U.S. at the same time as we launch crystal 2.0 for beta use,” said Uljan Sharka, CEO and founder of iGenius. “crystal has proven transformative for business efficiency in Europe and we could not be more confident that American businesses will be blown away too.”

Crystal 2.0 is lighter, faster and easier to connect to data streams than the original version. It includes enhanced AI capabilities, allowing the platform to learn the parameters of a specific project in hours instead of weeks or months. The updated platform also offers new features, including integration and customization with iOS voice assistant Siri. With its new updates, crystal is now more accessible and effective than ever for the sales, finance, executive and marketing teams in any industry. To apply to be a beta user of crystal 2.0, companies can visit and click on Early Access.

About iGenius 

iGenius is the scaleup on a mission to reimagine data interaction for businesses. Founded in 2016 by Uljan Sharka, iGenius was mentioned as one of Europe’s top 100 SaaS companies, and one of nine top names in data & analytics, by venture capital firm Accel. With offices in Italy, the USA, the UK and Switzerland, and some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies already using crystal, iGenius is a high-growth scaleup that thinks like an enterprise, where talented innovators can thrive and people come first.

Source: iGenius

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