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December 7, 2023

VictoriaMetrics Unveils Free Trial of Its Enterprise Solution for Enhanced Monitoring and Observability

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 7, 2023 — VictoriaMetrics, a leading open source time-series data monitoring player, now offers a free trial of its Enterprise solution. Designed to help solve an organization’s monitoring and observability set ups, no matter the scale, VictoriaMetrics Enterprise provides reliable, secure and cost-efficient monitoring.

The free trial of VictoriaMetrics Enterprise is perfect for organizations with large data loads, for whom cost-efficient monitoring is mission-critical. It is ideally suited for those looking for performance, scalability and security combined with world-class technical support for peace of mind.

VictoriaMetrics Enterprise combines the popular and proven open source VictoriaMetrics, already downloaded over 300 million times and trusted by organizations such as Roblox, Grammarly, Adidas, CERN, Open Cosmos, with enterprise-grade features that include AI-powered anomaly detection, problem-solving services, and expert guidance.

“When we started the Atlas Compute Cluster project more than 15 years ago, we were stuck with standard monitoring tools of the past, Nagios and Ganglia,” said Dr. Carsten Aulbert, a cluster administrator at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics. “We tested other available monitoring solutions like Prometheus but it never scaled well enough for us, then we discovered VictoriaMetrics. Acting as a drop-in replacement for Prometheus, we were able to set-up our initial test system within only 20 minutes. Two months in, we are about to replace our production monitoring and alerting infrastructure with VictoriaMetrics. With the Enterprise features, we will be able to keep our slightly down-sampled metrics for months, or years, instead of throwing everything away after two weeks as we do currently.”

VictoriaMetrics Enterprise Highlights:

  • Reliability: Technical support by VictoriaMetrics engineers for enhanced risk mitigation
  • Security: Strict CVE Vulnerabilities SLA & priority bug fixing provide an extra security layer
  • Cost-Efficiency: Up to 10x disk space & storage cost savings via downsampling/rollups
  • Sustainability: Minimised hardware requirements for lower carbon footprint & procurement costs

VictoriaMetrics is built for engineers by engineers, established after years of development experience facing constant shortcomings of existing solutions. VictoriaMetrics software is designed for building high-performance monitoring systems, ready for any scale, which work in real-life, not just on paper. The company’s 100% reproducible benchmarks demonstrate why it is the fastest open source-based monitoring solution.

Roman Khavronenko, Co-Founder of VictoriaMetrics says “Enterprises are struggling to cope with the drastic data expansion over recent years. To keep the lights on they need to collect, store, process, and analyse massive datasets in real-time to extract the most valuable insights. The scalability of VictoriaMetrics Enterprise allows businesses to monitor and analyse vast amounts of data without the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades, whilst simultaneously offering flexibility and customisation, eliminating the cost of vendor lock-in. We’re offering this trial for free so everyone can feel the benefits of the best monitoring technology in the market. Migration from other existing solutions is easy.”

VictoriaMetrics Enterprise solves problems around time series data for IT infrastructure, APM Kubernetes, IoT sensors, connected cars, telemetry, financial data, and various other types of enterprise-level workloads. With excellent customer support, every question gets answered quickly by engineers from the VictoriaMetrics core team.

About VictoriaMetrics

Founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, now globally led and headquartered in the US, VictoriaMetrics is the scaleup leader in the category of open source time series database monitoring. The VictoriaMetrics management team came together following successful careers at Google, Lyft and Cloudflare to solve the hard problems around very large, constantly changing data types which they themselves had encountered. VictoriaMetrics now boasts 100+ million downloads and customers include Adidas, Grammarly and Wix.

Source: VictoriaMetrics