August 20, 2014

Ubeeko Joins Hortonworks Technology Partner Program

PARIS, France, Aug. 20 — Ubeeko, the company behind the HFactory application stack for Hadoop, today announced it has joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program. Ubeeko is driving the next phase of the Hadoop market by developing a turnkey application stack and packaged development tools for the Hadoop platform. Ubeeko’s HFactory software is the first micro-framework to simplify and speed up the development of Hadoop and HBase powered business applications. Hortonworks is the leading contributor to and provider of Apache Hadoop. The Hortonworks Data Platform is the industry’s only 100-percent open source platform powered by Apache Hadoop, which makes Hadoop easy to consume and use in enterprise environments.

“Hortonworks is dedicated to expanding and empowering the Apache Hadoop ecosystem,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing at Hortonworks. “As Hadoop 2.0 users run more complex workloads and vertical applications on the platform, application tools like Ubeeko’s HFactory become even more important for enterprises to drive new insights and value from their big data deployments. We welcome the partnership with Ubeeko to empower our joint customers with the means to realize the full value of enterprise Hadoop.”

The Hortonworks Data Platform was built by the core architects, builders and operators of Apache Hadoop and includes all of the necessary components to manage a cluster at scale and uncover business insights from existing and new big data sources. With a YARN-based architecture, HDP enables multiple workloads, applications and processing engines across single clusters with optimal efficiency.

“With YARN, Hortonworks is laying the foundation for Hadoop 2.0 and the modern data architecture. Running multiple workloads on one cluster fundamentally changes the scope of Hadoop and Ubeeko’s solutions are designed to leverage the full potential of Hadoop 2.0.” says Ghislain Mazars, Ubeeko’s Founder & CEO. “We are particularly excited by the current efforts within the Apache Software Foundation to build on that vision of YARN as the O/S of Big Data. In particular, we look forward to the Hortonworks sponsored project Slider to fulfil the promise of HBase on YARN for improved cluster utilization.”

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