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June 7, 2024 Launches Tonic Textual Snowflake Native App on Snowflake Marketplace

SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 2024 — announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024, that it has launched the Tonic Textual Native App, Powered by Snowflake, in Snowflake Marketplace.’s Snowflake Native App provides seamless and secure data redaction, tokenization and synthesis of unstructured free-text data, natively within joint customers’ Snowflake accounts.

“Today’s launch of Tonic Textual as a Snowflake Native App marks a significant milestone in our journey to unlock AI development with secure, realistic synthetic free-text data,” said Ian Coe, Co-Founder and CEO of “It’s designed to meet the stringent demands of data privacy while enabling today’s enterprises to responsibly harness the power of generative AI. Our integration with Snowpark Container Services allows our customers to leverage the full potential of their Snowflake data for analytics and AI, confident in the knowledge that their privacy and compliance obligations are being met directly within their data environment.” and Snowflake are working together to mobilize the world’s data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud, helping joint customers unlock the value of their data. Tonic Textual is a state-of-the-art data transformation platform that helps businesses secure and maximize the value of their sensitive unstructured free-text data. Textual leverages proprietary named entity recognition (NER) technology to automatically detect and redact PII, PHI, and other sensitive entities, as well as optionally replace those entities with contextually relevant synthetic data. With Tonic Textual, your data remains usable for analytics, machine learning model training, and large language model (LLM) app development—all while ensuring that your sensitive information isn’t at risk of leakage or exposure.

“With the Snowflake Native App Framework and its new support for Snowpark Container Services, partners like can bring their complex applications directly to customers, running directly on their secure and governed data inside Snowflake,” said Unmesh Jagtap, Product Manager Lead for Snowflake Native Apps, Snowflake. “This means partners can deliver valuable capabilities like automated detection, redaction, and synthesis of unstructured free-text data quickly, securely, and powerfully to customers in the Data Cloud.”

As a Snowflake Native App, Tonic Textual enables customers to secure unstructured Snowflake data for fine-tuning LLMs, building retrieval augmented generation (RAG) systems, and leveraging proprietary data in lower environments within their Snowflake account where their data already resides.

Using the combined capabilities of Snowflake Native App Framework and Snowpark Container Services (integration in public preview), developers can build sophisticated applications that run on a range of configurable hardware options, including GPUs, distribute and monetize them on Snowflake Marketplace, and deploy them within their customers’ Snowflake accounts, without requiring data movement. To learn more about Tonic Textual native to Snowflake, click here.

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