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June 7, 2017

TIBCO Announces StreamBase 10, Spotfire Smart Data Catalog, New Cloud Offering

BERLIN, June 7, 2017 — TIBCO Software Inc., today announced the latest version of its market-leading, streaming analytics solution, TIBCO StreamBase 10, as well as the TIBCO Spotfire Data Catalog, a new data connectivity and management solution, and the TIBCO Cloud platform, featuring the new TIBCO Cloud Live Apps offering.

StreamBase 10

StreamBase 10 adds support for popular devops tooling to its easy-to-use graphical development environment, empowering developers to enable the continuous delivery of streaming analytics applications. StreamBase 10 also innovates by allowing the platform to support predictive and machine-learning models, which combined with contextual data, allow the platform to make decisions to drive the best outcome for the business in real time. An enhanced architecture also ensures flexibility, availability, and scalability to support the most challenging use cases in terms of volume or criticality.

“StreamBase 10 re-imagines our industry-leading streaming analytics platform,” said Mark Palmer, senior vice president and general manager, analytics, TIBCO. “At TIBCO, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that enable companies to become digitally smarter. The on-demand scalability of StreamBase 10 provides our customers with the ability to ask, answer, and act on insights in real time, augmenting their results.”

This unique combination of proven features and innovations makes TIBCO StreamBase 10 a unique platform, connecting intelligence to drive customer experiences or operations in real time.

“StreamBase is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for processing all our streaming data that’s coming in — the schedule, the real-time positioning, the milestone timing events, and more,” said Vic Raymond, manager of IT strategy, Melbourne Airport, a TIBCO customer. “The mashup of all of that streaming data, in context with our static data, brings those systems together and delivers data more effectively to the operator and the controllers to make the airport run more efficiently — it’s really quite powerful.”

The new features brought by TIBCO StreamBase 10 help industry leaders address the current and future challenges of connected digital initiatives, such as IoT architectures requiring real-time understanding and action on data streaming from thousands of devices.

“The new cloud architecture and enhanced IoT analytics capabilities offered in StreamBase 10 address the needs of a diverse range of customers,” said Tim Moss, chief operating officer, Syniverse. “Syniverse is excited to license StreamBase and incorporate its real-time analytics across our global, reliable, and secure cloud platform.”

To learn more about TIBCO StreamBase 10 and sign up for a free trial, visit

Spotfire Data Catalog

“Spotfire Data Catalog makes navigating your corporate data as easy as searching the web for content,” said Brad Hopper, vice president, product strategy, TIBCO. “With innovative machine learning under the hood and the ability to drag and drop your way to a custom Spotfire data mart, our data catalog product helps customers break down data silos and increase the value of their data assets. Our customers will now be able to gain insight from data they may not previously have even known existed.”

Spotfire Data Catalog continuously indexes databases and data lakes, applying text-mining algorithms to discover relationships among tables and documents, as well as concepts and sentiment. These elements can be discovered in business user searches, or may be presented as recommendations. The user can then pick and choose what to add to what becomes a virtual data mart, and share a connection to this virtual data mart for analysis with Spotfire.

“We use Spotfire extensively to help our pharmaceutical customers analyze and gain insight from diverse research and clinical data,” said Jens Hoefkens, platform segment leader, Perkin Elmer. “With the technology behind the new catalog product, our customers can go beyond analysis, to automatically search, correlate and recommend related data. Pharmaceutical R&D processes are awash in structured and unstructured content such as compound properties, biomarker profiles, patient lab data, safety assessments, electronic health records, and more. Spotfire Data Catalog, as a central part of the PerkinElmer Signals™ platform, gives us a universal adapter to organize and manage this data.”

To learn more about TIBCO Spotfire Data Catalog and to sign up for a free trial, visit


TIBCO Cloud provides improved solutions for organizations completely hosted in the cloud, enabling business users with self-service functionality, while simultaneously reducing the burden on IT. These developments illustrate TIBCO’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience, equipping them with advanced, intelligent technologies to become more productive, profitable, and innovative.

TIBCO Live Apps is an intuitive and easy-to-use solution that enables rapid delivery of smart business applications, built on powerful integration capabilities. Designed from the ground up to offer a unique user experience that requires no training, the solution provides a unique approach for digital business users. Key capabilities are also pre-built and can easily be customized for security or scalability, creating a tailored experience.

“Our new Live Apps and TIBCO Cloud Integration Web Integrator offerings are proof of product innovation and a robust user experience-centric design, providing an intuitive solution for users,” said Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, vice president, product management, TIBCO. “This means we are not only able to reach new users, but also help new customers across vertical markets beyond our traditional base. We are empowering a broad set of users with self-service tools that promote digital experimentation so that IT can focus on more mission-critical enablers.”

Alongside Live Apps, the Web Integrator feature of TIBCO Cloud Integration introduces a completely browser-based design for creating integration applications. Built using open-source Project Flogo™, Web Integrator allows line-of-business users and IT alike to create extremely light, performant applications with instinctive interfaces for increased productivity.

“TIBCO Cloud allows us to rapidly deliver cloud-based solutions and expedite service delivery,” said Kozhikkattuthodi. “These tools provide the means to create agile work environments that rethink business infrastructures and processes. Our goal is to continue being hyper-responsive to our customers, providing them with support for fast and iterative delivery of business apps to help them in their digital transformations.”

The agility offered by a cloud environment reduces the workload of IT departments, expanding the user base to include a variety of divisions rather than isolating one. In a December 2016 Forrester report titled Customer Obsession Will Remake AD&D Tools and Supporting Technologies, several analysts commented on the rise of this technology, saying “Low-code platforms support rapid experimentation and expand what development shops can do. Some can also allow business experts to participate in application design and prototyping as well as to create extensions and maintain key business processes and rules. Supporting business experts with low-code tools helps take the ‘rogue’ out of rogue IT.”

To learn more about TIBCO Cloud and TIBCO Cloud Live Apps, or to sign up for a free trial, visit

TIBCO is showcasing how companies can become digitally smarter at TIBCO NOW in San Diego, October 25-26. Take part in the conversation and attend the keynote sessions on Thursday, October 26 at 8:30am PT. Follow @TIBCO on Twitter and on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to hear the latest from TIBCO leadership and industry experts at the conference.


TIBCO fuels digital business by enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions through the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. From APIs and systems to devices and people, we interconnect everything, capture data in real time wherever it is, and augment the intelligence of your business through analytical insights. Thousands of customers around the globe rely on us to make better decisions, build compelling experiences, energize operations, and propel innovation. Learn how TIBCO makes digital smarter at

Source: TIBCO

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