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July 30, 2020

TIBCO Announces Metadata Capabilities of TIBCO’s Unify Offerings

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 30, 2020 — TIBCO Software Inc., provider of enterprise data, empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes, helping to solve complex data-driven challenges. TIBCO announced it has further enhanced the metadata capabilities of TIBCO’s Unify offerings, helping clients improve their data literacy, with the full integration of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) TIBCO Cloud Metadata offering. With this evolution, TIBCO adds functionality to its Unify solutions to assist customers in embracing a data-driven approach where they can enhance the collection, synthesis, management, and governance of data.

By using the SaaS-based metadata management offering, clients also benefit from the unique self-service data provisioning capabilities of TIBCO Data Virtualization. Added functionality for TIBCO Data Virtualization users now includes the ability to search the catalog and provision access to data sets from hundreds of data sources, and further features enable a user to add data governance and data catalog features to their integration pipelines.

“Today, the enterprise needs a simpler way to maintain a comprehensive view of relevant data assets across the organization for operational applications, analytics, and compliance,” said Mark Palmer, senior vice president and general manager, engineering, TIBCO. “TIBCO Cloud Metadata provides a one-stop SaaS solution that combines data governance, data catalogs, and enterprise metadata management capabilities. This further extends the capabilities of our Unify portfolio and provides customers complete visibility into their data landscape.”

In this era of data centricity, a key challenge facing organizations is data literacy, whereby they can ensure everyone understands the data assets they possess. This can be solved by the application of effective metadata management by augmenting TIBCO’s Unify line of data management capabilities with TIBCO Cloud Metadata. The company is providing capabilities that support the management of enterprise-wide metadata by blending data governance, data catalog, and enterprise metadata management proficiencies.

In an April 2020 Gartner research report1, Guido De Simoni, senior director analyst, Mark Beyer, distinguished vice president analyst and Alan Dayley, vice president analyst, Gartner wrote, “When using metadata management, data and analytics leaders must take a well-planned approach by addressing use cases that align with business outcomes. Four key use cases have emerged that drive the most crucial capabilities required of any solution in this market: data governance, security and risk, data analysis, and data value.”

Learn more about metadata management, data catalog, and data governance delivered as a service with TIBCO Cloud Metadata.

[1] “Emerging Market Scenarios Are Driving a Renewed Focus on the Capabilities of Metadata Management Solutions,” Guido De Simoni, Mark Beyer, and Alan Dayley, April 2020


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