August 21, 2014

Tamr Rolls Out Partner Program

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Aug. 21 — Tamr, Inc., today announced its partner program, to help enterprises adopt scalable data integration and unification into their operations so they can use more of their data for analytics. Partner agreements are already in effect with eight companies: Cloudera, Hortonworks, MicroStrategy, Qlik, Recorded Future, Statwing, Tableau Software and Zoomdata.

“Forming partnerships is a foundation of our strategy,” said Kevin Burke, business development lead for Tamr. “Our platform is open and our output can be consumed by systems such as data analytics software, visualization software, data warehouses and data lakes. Partners’ customers get more data and richer data in a timely manner, to help them achieve their Big Data analytics goals. In forming partnerships, we’re creative, flexible, and very low-overhead.”

Tamr provides a data connection platform that dramatically reduces the time and effort of connecting and enriching multiple data sources to achieve a unified view of siloed enterprise data. Using Tamr, organizations are able to complete data unification projects in days and weeks versus months or quarters, so they can use all the data at their disposal instead of the 10 percent to 12 percent that’s common today.

Tamr works with three kinds of partners:

Complementary technology partners. Customers who use the analytics and visualization software of these partners can easily integrate the Tamr solution to get to Big Data analytics faster.

Service integration partners. Tamr works with these partners to enable them to integrate and resell the Tamr solution.

OEM partners. Tamr works with cloud services providers, SaaS application providers, and other solution providers to help them embed the Tamr solution into their offerings.

Tamr is collaborating with partners in a variety of sales efforts and events to promote the advantages of Tamr for their customers. For example:

  • On August 26 at 1:00 PM EDT, Ayman Khalil of Tamr and Russell Cosentino of Zoomdata will present a one-hour webinar on how to use Tamr and Zoomdata solutions together to get a unified view of enterprise data.
  • Tamr will participate in Tableau Software’s Destination Data: Tableau Conference 2014, September 8 – 12, in Seattle. Tamr is also a Kilo Sponsor of the conference.

“Tamr produces ready-to-use, unified data from multiple data sources, in a system that accommodates any size business operation or analytics ambition,” said Dan Jewett, vice president of product management for Tableau Software.  “Tamr is a perfect complement to our products and our mission to help people understand and see data.”

“Tamr is a natural partner for us,” said Drew Clarke, vice president of corporate and business development at Qlik.  “Our solutions for self-service data visualization and guided analytics enable customers to gain meaning out of information from varied sources and explore hidden relationships within data from every angle. Tamr helps us notch up the freedom level by making it smoother and easier for customers to access more of their data ─ and higher quality data ─ from across the enterprise.”

Tamr fills a narrow but critical gap in the Big Data analytics technology stack: getting disparate data sources integrated, curated and unified, so customers can get to Big Data analytics faster. Tamr provides a system for data unification that’s built on a very open platform. It can digest virtually any source of enterprise structured data and semi-structured data, such as spreadsheets, JSON, XML and data from SQL databases. From these sources, it produces integrated data and metadata that can be used by virtually any other system via RESTful APIs.

To become a Tamr partner or to learn more about the partner program, visit the partner page.

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