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September 6, 2019

Synergy of Intel Optane Drives and RAIDIX ERA Software RAID for High Workload Storage

September 6, 2019 — Joint storage solution of RAIDIX ERA and Intel Optane is able to reach 1,000,000 IOps in mixed mode only with 4 drives: comparison tests show better results with fewer drives required to achieve the desired level of performance.

While Intel Optane is ideal for handling data close to the CPU for rapid access, RAIDIX ERA software provides record access speed for both random and sequential workloads. Compared to classic NAND SSDs, Intel Optane hardware with unique Intel 3D XPoint memory architecture gives more stable performance and reaches excel by 431% on write and by 30% on read operations.

RAIDIX ERA algorithms focus on maximizing the capabilities of CPU and optimization of multi-threaded calculation, much needed for industries operating high-speed access to the data: IoT, VR, AR, Real-Time Bidding (RTB), large SQL and NoSQL databases, intensive calculation in HPC and Big Data, 4K and 8K video production.

“For businesses, which largely depend on IT infrastructure, it is crucial to deploy storage devices with the highest throughput and extended bandwidth with the lowest latency. It is for the high-performance software and efficient data management to get the most from the hardware,” says Sergey Platonov, R&D Director at RAIDIX.

RAIDIX ERA aggregates multiple directly attached SSDs into fast and reliable virtual block storage to create performance arrays for high load tasks and applications. The core principle is to optimize CPU calculations of incoming data streams for efficient exploitation to improve bandwidth and throughput characteristics. RAIDIX ERA successfully substitutes hardware RAID controllers and less productive software RAIDs (mdraid, for example).

More information on joint opportunities of RAIDIX ERA and Intel Optane you can find in solution brief or recent blogpost.

Source: RAIDIX

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