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June 4, 2020

Healthcare and Genomics IT Leaders Report Savings with Scality’s On-Prem Software Defined Storage

San Francisco, CA – June 4, 2020 – Scality reported how the Scality RING brings unique efficiencies in today’s modern healthcare and genomic data centers.

Over 40 global hospitals, hospital systems and genomics research institutions in the US, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Israel, Japan and South America have implemented the Scality RING. These customers trust Scality with their mission-critical diagnostic imaging data managed by leading PACS and VNA solutions, as well as key genomics data for use in development of new biopharmaceuticals.  Many of these customers have experienced the ease of initial deployment and the scaling of RING with seamless capacity expansions to petabytes of storage.

IT leaders in these healthcare institutions share significant data growth challenges for radiological imaging, genomic sequencing, and other healthcare related services and applications. To modernize and address these challenges, IT leaders are now deploying scale-out software defined storage for on-premises private and hybrid cloud environments.

Respondents to an IDC survey, commissioned by Scality, reported that scale-out storage deployments are 52% faster than traditional storage, require 46% less staff time managing the storage platform, and result in a 28% lower TCO (saving $270,000 per petabyte over 3 years).  Expand these savings over 5 years and these IT leaders are saving millions of dollars in resource and capital expenditures with software defined storage solutions.

“The growing nature of data in the age of Covid-19 puts more pressure on the healthcare and genomics industries to modernize with cost-effective solutions,” said Amita Potnis, IDC Research Director.  “Our survey suggests that IT leaders who are required to build on-prem private or hybrid clouds, can rest a little easier with a cost-effective software defined, scale-out object storage solution like Scality offers.”

IT leaders at healthcare services and genomics research organizations, report their experience with Scality RING object storage.

“The main operational benefit for us of Scality is the reduction of time required to operate, the time to deploy, and maintain the storage.”

“Scality does not require a lot of management effort, unlike a SAN. Scality has allowed us to consolidate our storage arrays, which reduced the heterogeneous systems to manage a unified backup system.”

“Scality…had the best ratio of cost per TB.”

To learn more read our blog  or register to join our Healthcare & Genomics conversation with special guest Amita Potnis and Scality, host Paul Speciale on Tuesday, June 17th at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

The full IDC White Paper, commissioned by Scality, is available for download.

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