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September 12, 2019

Sumo Logic Accelerates Continuous Intelligence for Modern Enterprises with New Product Innovations

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., September 12, 2019 – Sumo Logic, the leading continuous intelligence, announced several innovations making it easier for customers to stay competitive in today’s Intelligence Economy. The new enhancements to the company’s platform includes next-gen dashboarding visualization that allows users to get insights faster from their data, a Data Enrichment for logs feature that gives users richer metadata enabling users to describe their log data streams in a more natural and intuitive way and Metric Transformation Rules giving users advanced control over their time series data. The company also announced updates to their Cloud SIEM and Global Intelligence Service to help security teams better prioritize their threat hunting and response efforts. In addition, new integrations with Slack and MongoDB to provide customers expanded monitoring capabilities to help them audit and secure these popular enterprise technologies.

“Today, unstructured data created by digital services such as IoT, mobile apps, websites, and SaaS services has become the primary source of signal for businesses. Without a way to consolidate these signals into a single, real-time view, companies remain stuck in an intelligence gap.  The new capabilities and integrations we announced today provide our customers with the opportunity to close this gap by securing applications, introducing new services and improving customer experience,” Christian Beegen, Co-Founder and CTO, Sumo Logic. “We are particularly excited about our dashboarding visualization and data enrichment features that gives our customers the ability to view their data in forms that fits their mental models. Security analysts will value the improvements we made to our GuardDuty benchmarking app as we wanted to make their job detecting and hunting for threats easier.  Also, we are very pleased to develop apps for Slack, MongoDB and others to provide increased visibility into their popular technologies.”

Sumo Logic’s cloud-native, continuous intelligence platform enables three solutions for customers: Operational Intelligence, Security Intelligence and Global Intelligence.  The new platform and solution improvements announced today span across all three areas to help customers leverage analytics and insights to build, run and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures.

Get More Operational Intelligence, Your Way

Building off the success of their Kubernetes solution, Sumo Logic announced new platform innovations that give customers the freedom to approach their data with their own architectural and mental models, reducing friction when monitoring, troubleshooting, and securing their applications. Operational Intelligence innovations include:

  • Next-Gen Dashboard Visualizations enable customers to have rich unified analytics across their metrics and logs data with detailed visual control for optimal monitoring and troubleshooting. Customers can now templatize their dashboards to rescope data on the fly, get interactive and data-dense visuals that help them isolate patterns quickly, and the ability to export dashboards to PDF or PNG for easy sharing via email or Slack. Next-Gen Dashboard Visualization is currently in closed beta with an open beta expected in the near future.
  • Data Enrichment for Logs gives our customers the ability to describe their log data in a natural and intuitive way by mapping their mental model of how they think about logs to simple key value pairs. Sumo Logic has extended the extensive metadata support of their metrics product to log data, including automatically capturing metadata from integrations – including the new Kubernetes App. With this new feature customers can freely tag their with simple key-value pairs, helping them investigate and solve issues faster. Any sumo logic collector and log source will now support adding key-value pair fields. These fields can be used everywhere in Sumo Logic, from searching logs to securing access to your logs via RBAC. Data Enrichment for Logs is currently available for Sumo Logic customers.
  • Metrics Transformation Rules helps our users maximize the value of their time series data by giving them control of the granularity and retention of this data. With fine-control over the retention of their time series data, they can now keep high cardinality, high volume operations data for just a few days, while also aggregating the raw data into high performance, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be cost-effectively stored for months. Metrics Transformation rules are currently available for Sumo Logic customers.

 Security and Global Intelligence Updates

Today, more companies are using Sumo Logic to secure their modern apps and cloud infrastructures. Sumo Logic has more than 1000+ customers using their Cloud SIEM for their day-to-day security operations of their production environment, making the company one of the largest players in the Cloud SIEM market. In addition, since the launch of their Global Intelligence Service last year, the company has seen a rise of continuous intelligence usage by new teams and use cases across the enterprise. The Security and Global Intelligence updates we are announcing today include:

  • Cloud SIEM continues to drive innovations in the SIEM space with improvements in threat detection, accelerated investigation at cloud scale through more apps, context, and built-in security content and new integrations with Security Orchestration and Automation tools to help accelerate incident response by triggering playbooks and workflows from Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM.
  • New Cloud SIEM Foundational Certification Training that gives our customers a preview of new features in our labs that include single-click investigations, automated workflows, and cloud-scale correlation rules. Currently, these new features are in closed beta.
  • New and updated integrations including 30+ security apps that strengthens the company’s ecosystem play in Cloud SIEM. The company updated core apps such as CarbonBlack, CrowdStrike, Okta, and Netskope as well as included integrations around Aqua, StackRox, and Twistlock that enhances security of Kubernetes and the modern application stack. In addition, the company also added apps to secure all three public clouds such as AWS, GCP and Azure, positioning Sumo Logic as a truly multi-cloud and hybrid security intelligence solution. With more than 200 apps in their AppCatalog, customers can rely on Sumo Logic for security and operations.
  • General Availability of Global Intelligence Service (GIS) for Amazon GuardDuty. Since the introduction of GIS last year, the company has seen an increase of adoption of this service from hundreds of customers focused on benchmarking AWS security threats. Sumo Logic leverages its multi-tenant capability to analyze security threats from Amazon GuardDuty to provide benchmarking on security threats from thousands of joint customers using AWS.

New Integrations for Enterprise Ready Technologies

Sumo Logic partnered with several companies to roll out new integrated applications that further expand security and monitoring capabilities and increase users visibility into technologies being used at the heart of enterprises today. These new integrations include:

  • The Slack app gives customers the ability to closely monitor external users, access patterns, member profiles, and audit all actions in one place. With this single-pane-of-glass view, users can quickly identify if and when critical data leaves the organization and correlate information across workspaces, channels, member and types (i.e. guest) to accelerate their security, audit incident investigation and threat hunting efforts.
  • The MongoDB Atlas app gives customers comprehensive visibility into operations, health and security of their Atlas clusters. With this out-of-the-box solution, users can optimize the performance of an Atlas cluster by identifying slow and inefficient queries and monitor key database and system metrics to determine how to optimize your Atlas cluster resources. For security, users can monitor user logins, audit events and project and organizational activity. In addition, they can also detect potential incoming threats and indicators of compromise via our in-built threat intelligence database.

About Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a secure, cloud-native, Continuous Intelligence Platform for DevSecOps delivering real-time, continuous intelligence from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data across the entire application lifecycle and stack. More than 2,000 customers around the globe rely on Sumo Logic for the intelligence to build, run and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures. Only Sumo Logic delivers its platform based on a true, multi-tenant, SaaS architecture, enabling digital businesses to thrive in the Intelligence Economy.

Source: Sumo Logic