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September 5, 2019

StreamSets Announces Beta of StreamSets Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO, September 05, 2019 — StreamSets, Inc., provider of the industry’s first DataOps platform for modern data integration, today opened pre-registration for the upcoming beta of the StreamSets Cloud. With this new offering, data-driven businesses have an easy-to-use cloud service to design, deploy and operate smart pipelines for ingesting data into cloud data platforms, such as Snowflake, Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake Storage and Amazon S3. StreamSets Cloud is the company’s latest step forward in strengthening its commitment to the cloud and to DataOps practices with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for designing and operating data pipelines.

StreamSets Cloud makes it easy to create and manage smart data pipelines, enabling faster delivery of data without sacrificing data integrity and confidence. Designed for companies of all sizes that are adopting cloud data platforms, StreamSets Cloud is the first platform-neutral service that combines StreamSets’ full life cycle approach to designing and operating smart data pipelines with all the benefits of a hosted cloud service:

  • Agility — A fully managed cloud service gets data to stakeholders faster with integrated, easy-to-use tools for designing and operating pipelines.
  • Flexibility — Pipelines can be executed anywhere — on premises or in the cloud.
  • Data confidence — Operationalized smart data pipelines are fully instrumented and data drift-tolerant.
  • Scalability — Built-in Kubernetes containerization and native cloud scaling reliably handle the largest workloads.

“StreamSets has already proven its commitment to the cloud, with a number of SaaS solutions and support for cloud platforms,” said Arvind Prabhakar, CTO, StreamSets. “With StreamSets Cloud, we’re doubling down on our commitment to delivering an easy-to-use, cloud-native service for designing, deploying and operating data pipelines. At the same time, we’re continuing to focus on promoting DataOps practices to help organizations deal with the speed, fragmentation and the pace of change associated with modern analytics.”

“StreamSets Cloud is focused not just on developer productivity, but also on making operations far more efficient with fully instrumented pipelines, end-to-end monitoring and drift-handling,” said Jobi George, general manager, StreamSets Cloud. “Now, with smart data pipelines built for the modern, always-on and always-changing world, enterprises have the foundation for operationalizing the full data flow life cycle.”

The beta program for StreamSets Cloud will open in the coming weeks. Be the first to participate in the beta by pre-registering at

About DataOps
Analytics has modernized in our always-on, always-changing world. How you deliver data to drive analytics has to modernize, too. DataOps is a set of practices and technologies that operationalizes data management and integration to ensure resiliency and agility despite ceaseless change. It combines the DevOps principles of continuous delivery with the ability to tame data drift (unexpected and undocumented changes to data). By embedding these principles, DataOps makes it possible to deliver the continuous data needed to drive modern analytics and digital transformation.

About StreamSets
StreamSets built the industry’s first multi-cloud DataOps platform for modern data integration, helping enterprises to continuously flow big, streaming and traditional data to their data science and data analytics applications. The platform uniquely handles data drift, those frequent and unexpected changes to upstream data that break pipelines and damage data integrity. The StreamSets DataOps Platform allows for execution of any-to-any pipelines, ETL processing and machine learning with a cloud-native operations portal for the continuous automation and monitoring of complex multi-pipeline topologies.

Source: StreamSets