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March 26, 2024

SQream and Qantm AI Partner to Solve Enterprise Data and AI Challenges

NEW YORK, March 26, 2024 — SQream, the scalable GPU data analytics platform and Qantm AI a leading advisory service for AI strategy, AI governance, and AI architectures, have announced their collaboration to provide SQream’s technology to Qantm AI’s customers.

This partnership aims to empower large organizations to enhance the utilization of analytic systems, accelerating essential business insights and deploying AI models to address the most complex analytics and AI challenges. Moreover, SQream customers will gain valuable insights from Qantm AI’s expertise and advisory capacity in the field of AI.

By joining forces with Qantm AI, SQream will leverage Qantm AI’s leading advisory services, leveraging the extensive experience of Dr. Seth Dobrin, former Chief AI Officer for IBM, to guide customers not only to understand the impact of AI on their organization but also understand what it takes to develop human-focused AI in a constantly changing world. By partnering with SQream, Qantm AI has access to a data acceleration platform to tackle their customers’ challenges – speed of analytical applications, data completeness, data complexity, AIops bottlenecks, and cost savings.

“Robust AI pipeline requires robust data pipeline,” said Dr. Seth Dobrin, Qantm AI’s Founder and CEO. “With SQream’s next-gen GPU solutions, we are excited to incorporate their cutting-edge machine learning and generative AI technology into our recommended AI and generative AI architectures.”

“As SQream expands its operations, and more and more global industries leverage our first in class data analytics acceleration platform to inform their corporate strategies and outcome projections, we welcome the vital experiential expertise that Qantm AI offers through their trusted history of AI augmentation for enterprise,” said Deborah Leff, SQream’s Chief Revenue Officer.

SQream’s GPU-based big data analytics and acceleration platform is tailored to handle data of any size and complexity. This allows enterprises to ingest and analyze their expanding datasets swiftly, offering comprehensive visibility for enhanced customer experience, operational efficiency, and previously inaccessible business insights. SQream stands out as a cloud-native, fully managed data lakehouse designed for rapid, reliable, and cost-effective data preparation, leveraging its patented GPU optimization engine.

About SQream

SQream is a data processing and analytics company that helps organizations break through barriers to ask the biggest, most important questions from their data. Our GPU-based technology empowers businesses to overcome dataset limits and query complexity to analyze exponentially more data and get substantially faster insights at dramatic cost-savings. By leveraging SQream’s advanced analytics capabilities for AI/ML, enterprises can stay ahead of their competitors while reducing hardware usage. If you want to take your data initiatives to the next level and unlock new insights and opportunities with SQream.

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