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July 29, 2020

Splice Machine Announces Splice Machine Kubernetes Ops Center

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 29, 2020 — Splice Machine, a scale-out SQL database with native machine learning, announced it has launched the Splice Machine Kubernetes Ops Center, deployed with Helm Charts. With its comprehensive data capabilities, Splice Machine supports OLTP, OLAP, data science, and MLOps in a single open source platform, making it easy for developers to get what they need to do done, without stitching a huge number of disparate technologies together.

Ops Center is the easiest way to provision, manage, and operate a collection of Splice Machine scale-out SQL databases and machine learning platforms. Application and DevOps teams can now easily operate clouds of databases and ML platforms with the same tooling that the Splice Machine Cloud team uses, lowering operating costs, improving performance, and enabling more data science productivity, resulting in better business outcomes.

“Now, application teams throughout the enterprise can develop with the agility of having full control over their data platform and data science that would previously have required a centralized and specialized data organization,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO, Splice Machine. “Ops Center brings DBOps and MLOps together at last. Now, developers can easily spin up and tear down sandboxes, shadows, dev, test, and production clusters in minutes to be agile and cost-efficient while retaining the control provided by having a single comprehensive software stack – a powerful combination that has direct results on business performance.”

The adoption of the Splice Machine on Kubernetes protects against platform lock-in by providing a uniform operating stack across a variety of infrastructure architectures including on-premises, private clouds, and public clouds.

Splice Machine on Kubernetes will be available in three product offerings, including:

  • The Splice Machine Kubernetes Community Edition (single cluster) – Available for free on HelmHub, Artifact Hub, Rancher Catalog, and Splice Machine’s github repository
  • The Splice Machine Kubernetes Enterprise Edition (single cluster)  – Adds advanced security and backup functionality easily unlockable from the Community edition with a license key
  • The Splice Machine Kubernetes Ops Center – The Splice Machine Kubernetes Enterprise Edition plus Cloud Manager, instrumentation, and monitoring through ELK, Prometheus, Grafana and PagerDuty  – requires a separate Helm chart and a license

“Ops Center empowers our joint clients to operate many Splice databases and ML platforms with small teams and high-availability,” said Andreas Braun, Managing Director, EMEA Lead, Data Business Group and Applied Intelligence, Accenture. “Whether they use the Splice Machine Managed Service or operate instances with the Ops Center, they get the same instrumentation, self-healing, and alerting to delight the end-customer.”

These editions of Splice Machine are delivered with Helm carts, a standard packaging format for Kubernetes that will allow Splice Machine to be deployed to certified Kubernetes distributions like Rancher. “It’s exciting to see how easy the combination of Rancher and Ops Center makes deploying a sophisticated data platform to virtually any infrastructure,” said Sheng Liang, CEO and co-founder, Rancher Lab.

“Traditionally, enterprises group DBOps and MLOps teams into separate organizations that are isolated from the application groups that need these services, creating silos, bottlenecks, latency and frustration,” added Zweben. “With Ops Center, we are democratizing access to data and machine learning platforms, creating a new world of ML and IoT experimentation and complex problem solving.”

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About Splice Machine

Splice Machine is the only scale-out SQL database with native machine learning. Splice Machine slashes software, infrastructure and people costs by combining operational workloads (OLTP), analytical workloads (OLAP), and machine learning (MLOps) into one seamless Kubernetes-powered architecture. Enterprises build new intelligent applications on the Splice Machine RDBMS, extend existing applications with AI, and modernize their applications in the cloud with virtually no rewrites. Companies can offload data from more expensive RDBMS systems easily and get the most efficient path to operational AI. Splice Machine is available as a fully-managed cloud service on AWS, Azure, and GCP and is also available on-premise. Learn more at

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