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January 28, 2014

SGI Announces Global Big Data Educational Tour

MILPITAS, Calif., Jan. 28 — SGI will host SGI Big Data U — a global complimentary lunch event to discuss the hottest topic in technology today, Big Data. The multi-city tour will provide a forum to discuss the leading Big Data challenges — volume, variety and velocity and how enterprise and government organizations can better understand their customers to grow revenue, lower costs, gain competitive advantage and derive valuable insights from their increasing volumes of data.

Data is arriving in volume, with velocity, and of variety far greater than ever experienced. The gains surrounding Big Data analytics are far reaching, from competitive advantage and growing topline revenue to saving lives and preventing fraud. Yet they also require compute capabilities often outside mainstream data centers. Storage demands also strain conventional architectures and limited resources. To harness Big Data, enterprises require extreme speed, scale, and efficiency from their IT infrastructure. Leading organizations must navigate through Big Data in order to extract value from these increasing volumes of data.

SGI’s Big Data U event will give attendees the opportunity to discuss industry trends, real-world use cases, insights into optimizing analytics, as well as understand how to leverage Hadoop — and when not to, high performance computing environments and petascale storage management. SGI will also discuss new data-driven roles across the C-suite and IT that are becoming critical within the enterprise and provide clarity to the “Big Data” term often clouded by hype, and specifically in two areas often less discussed — why infrastructure matters for Big Data analytics, and how to tackle petascale storage and the new normal.

According to analyst firm IDC, approximately 23 percent of the digital universe is comprised of meaningful data — yet only half of one percent is currently being analyzed. IDC refers to this as the Big Data Gap, a gap that is expected to increase. As organizations continue to progress Big Data initiatives for enhanced insight and decision-making, the opportunity to increase the adoption of Big Data Analytics to uncover actionable intelligence has never been greater. SGI Big Data U is part of SGI’s commitment to help enterprises and organizations seize this opportunity.

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