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August 20, 2020

ScyllaDB Announces Scylla Enterprise 2020 NoSQL Database

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 20, 2020 — ScyllaDB announced Scylla Enterprise 2020, the latest major release of its high-performance NoSQL database for real-time big data workloads. As ScyllaDB’s premium database product, Scylla Enterprise offers the highest level of performance, scale, security and availability. New production-ready features in Scylla Enterprise 2020 provide greater consistency, new querying capabilities, an Amazon DynamoDB-compatible API and numerous product enhancements.

Scylla Enterprise is a drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB, delivering better, more consistent performance, significantly lower total cost of ownership and greater deployment flexibility. Scylla Enterprise 2020 extends Scylla’s already impressive advantages over Cassandra, including the ability to scale up to any number of cores, multi-petabyte capacity with nodes as large as 60TB, built-in schedulers, unified cache and self-tuning operations.

Benchmarks demonstrate that Scylla is about 1/8 the total cost of Amazon DynamoDB for the same workloads. Performance comparisons show Scylla Enterprise 2020 delivers more than 5X greater throughput and nearly 10X lower P99 latencies than Apache Cassandra. Scylla Enterprise scales out 24X faster than Apache Cassandra, allowing users to run without overprovisioning.

New Capabilities in Scylla Enterprise 2020

  • Alternator, a DynamoDB-compatible API: Scylla Enterprise 2020 provides a production-ready Amazon DynamoDB-compatible API that lets DynamoDB users switch to Scylla without changing a single line of application code. Scylla significantly reduces the total cost of ownership, delivers lower and more consistent latencies and expands the limitations DynamoDB places on object size, partition size, etc. Scylla can also run as a complement to DynamoDB, extending an existing DynamoDB implementation to additional deployment options. Teams can run on-premises, on their preferred cloud platforms or on Scylla’s fully managed database as a service, Scylla Cloud. They are free to access their data as they like, without pay-per-operation fees and with more deployment options, including open source Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Lightweight Transactions (LWT): Scylla’s Lightweight Transactions (LWT) extends Scylla’s options for data consistency. By employing Paxos consensus for two-phase-commits, Scylla LWT makes operations strongly consistent and enables compare-and-set conditional updates. The implementation requires one less round trip than the original Cassandra design and is safer with regard to commitlog disk flushes.
  • CQL Enhancements: Scylla has extended the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) to provide more granular and efficient results, including new clauses such as GROUP BY and BYPASS CACHE, enhancements in ALLOW FILTERING and a LIKE operator to enable searching for patterns in user data.
  • Change Data Capture Allows users to track changes in their data, recording both the original data values and the new values to records. With CDC, Scylla streams changes to a standard CQL table that can be indexed or filtered to find critical changes to data. The new API offers functionality that’s superior to both Cassandra and DynamoDB. (Production ready in Scylla Enterprise 2020.2)

Additional features and enhancements since Scylla Enterprise 2019.1 include:

  • Incremental Compaction Strategy to get the most out of available infrastructure
  • Local (in addition to global) secondary indexes that provide data flexibility
  • IPv6 support to expanded network address space
  • Encryption at Rest, including local, replicated and KMIP providers
  • Large Cell/Collection Detector to proactively find problematic anomalies in a database
  • Nodetool TopPartitions to identify the top “hot” partitions
  • MC SSTable format for more efficient storage
  • Row-level repair to provide a fast, granular anti-entropy mechanism
  • Support for AWS i3en “meganode” servers with up to 60TB/node
  • Improved CQL server admission control
  • New deployment options for Debian 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, CentOS 8

“After 5,568 commits from five open source releases, we’re excited to now move forward with Scylla Enterprise 2020,” said Dor Laor, CEO and co-founder, ScyllaDB. “Our superior performance and lower total cost of ownership have led so many Cassandra users to migrate to Scylla, and we now expect the same shift from users of Amazon DynamoDB. Developers don’t want to be locked into a single platform, especially one that’s so expensive.”

Scylla Enterprise received the InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award for 2020. Selected by editors and reviewers of IDG’s InfoWorld, the annual awards identify the best and most innovative products on the IT landscape. Other winners included Atlassian, Confluent, Databricks, Datadog, HashiCorp and Snowflake.

ScyllaDB also offers a fully managed version of Scylla Enterprise, Scylla Cloud, which is now available with a free trial.

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About ScyllaDB

Scylla is the real-time big data database. API-compatible with Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB, Scylla embraces a shared-nothing approach that increases throughput and storage capacity as much as 10X that of Cassandra. Comcast, Discord, Grab, Medium, Starbucks, Ola Cabs, Samsung, IBM, and many more leading companies have adopted Scylla to realize order-of-magnitude performance improvements and reduce hardware costs. ScyllaDB was founded by the team responsible for the KVM hypervisor and is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, Wing Venture Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, TLV Partners, Magma Venture Partners, Western Digital Capital and Samsung Ventures. For more information:

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