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January 19, 2021

ScaleOut Software Announces Tools for its Real-time Digital Twins for Streaming Analytics

BELLEVUE, Wash, Jan. 19, 2021 – ScaleOut Software today released enhanced support for developing streaming analytics applications that run on its ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service.  Now developers can build real-time digital twin models through a widely used technique called a “rules engine” as an alternative to writing application code in programming languages such as Java, C#, or JavaScript. This technique reduces development time and lowers the barrier for developers and analysts by eliminating the need for specialized programming skills. To ensure fast and easy application development, a new software tool, called the ScaleOut Rules Engine Development Tool, provides comprehensive features for building and testing rules engine-based models.

With its ability to immediately analyze data in motion from individual data sources in milliseconds and make immediate use of dynamic context for each data source, the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service fundamentally changes the way industries like telematics, security monitoring, healthcare, logistics, retail, and financial services process live data streams to make critical decisions in the moment. Support for describing application logic using a set of rules that are executed by a rules engine enables the streaming service to be deployed by a wider range of application developers than previously possible.

“We are excited to further simplify the development of real-time streaming analytics applications with support for rules-based digital twin models,” said Dr. William Bain, ScaleOut Software’s CEO and founder. “With the introduction of the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service, we created a breakthrough for applications that need to simultaneously track thousands of data sources. Now, the integration of an easy-to-use rules engine adds new features that make application development easier than ever.”

 Benefits of the ScaleOut Rules Engine Development Tool

The ScaleOut Rules Engine Development Tool allows application developers to build and test real-time digital twin models that analyze incoming messages from a specific data source. These models are then deployed in the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service to process messages in production from many thousands of data sources. 

Key benefits of the ScaleOut Rules Engine Development Tool include:

  • Fast, Simplified Application Development: The use of a rules engine lets developers describe the operations to be performed as a list of logical rules instead of requiring code to be written in a more complex programming language. Because of their simplicity, rules engines are widely used in applications where specialized programming techniques are not required.
  • Comprehensive Development Toolset: Application developers can build rules-based digital twin models using the ScaleOut Rules Engine Development Tool, which runs on a Windows workstation. This tool provides an intuitive graphical user interface and complete capabilities for defining rules and then validating them by testing their step-by-step execution within the tool.
  • Straightforward Deployment: Because the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service integrates a rules engine into its execution environment, users need only develop rules-based digital twin models and then deploy them to the service. The rules engine automatically activates the models to process incoming messages.

About ScaleOut Software

Founded in 2003, ScaleOut Software develops leading-edge software that delivers scalable, highly available, in-memory computing and streaming analytics technologies to a wide range of industries. ScaleOut Software’s in-memory computing platform enables operational intelligence by storing, updating, and analyzing fast-changing, live data so that businesses can capture perishable opportunities before the moment is lost. It has offices in Bellevue, Washington and Beaverton, Oregon.

Source: ScaleOut Software