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June 17, 2024

SAS Leverages Amazon Bedrock for New GenAI Tools for Marketers

CANNES, France, June 17, 2024 — SAS, a global leader in data and AI, is adding new generative AI (GenAI) capabilities to its MarTech solution SAS Customer Intelligence 360. In a new integration with Amazon Bedrock from Amazon Web Services (AWS), these capabilities help organizations transform data into business insights that enhance business operations to elevate the customer experience.

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SAS Customer Intelligence 360 already offers GenAI assistance to marketers and advertisers for streamlining marketing planning, journey design, content generation and creative development.

The solution’s new capabilities, leveraging Amazon Bedrock, include:

  • Better campaigns through precise audience recommendations: With this new capability, marketers can create audiences and pair them with precise, personalized messages and offers. Campaign teams can use simple text to describe the people they want to reach, and the software will use natural language prompts in the description to recommend and refine each audience.
  • An intelligent self-service assistant: SAS Customer Intelligence 360’s new audience copilot provides a guided GenAI-powered chat experience that uses natural language generation to better interpret audience data. With the copilot, marketers and advertisers can more easily select the right data source, create a schedule, specify the lifecycle of the data, and ultimately improve campaigns by better understanding their included audiences. This leads to improved targeting and personalization, ensuring the right people receive the best message or offer for them.
  • Enhanced emails for improved response: Marketers continue to rely on email to reach new and existing customers. As people deal with an increasing deluge of messages, getting customers to open an email and peruse the offer is an obstacle. SAS Customer Intelligence 360’s new generative AI-powered service suggests email subject lines that are compelling and effective. And marketers can test and compare subject lines to choose the best performers.

“With GenAI, marketers can better plan campaigns, improve audience selection, generate more relevant content, and make better business decisions that elevate customer experiences,” said Jennifer Chase, Chief Marketing Officer at SAS. “The new GenAI enhancements to SAS Customer Intelligence 360 – powered by our strong collaboration with AWS and the use of Amazon Bedrock technology – will make it easier for marketing and advertising pros to use GenAI effectively. And these new capabilities add to SAS’ continued effort to help organizations apply AI responsibly and equitably while keeping humans in the loop.”

SAS and Amazon Bedrock

The new GenAI capabilities in Customer Intelligence 360 take advantage of Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service from AWS that helps customers build and scale GenAI applications with foundation models. With SAS Customer Intelligence 360 and Amazon Bedrock, marketers don’t have to worry about underlying AI models and can focus on quickly and easily leveraging GenAI capabilities instead. For example, new email subject-line tools in SAS Customer Intelligence 360 offer content-generation features that can recommend language, adjust for tone and offer translations.

With SAS’ solutions hosted globally, users can call on analytical models from around the world with ease. In addition to SAS’ responsible engagement capabilities, customers can also benefit from customized safeguards in Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock that support responsible GenAI applications. Guardrails help bring a consistent level of AI safety across user applications with filters for potentially harmful or biased content.

“Campaign planning is a top use case for generative AI, which underscores the importance of model choice when creating tools to support various marketing activities,” said Craig Miller, Global Advertising and Marketing Solutions Portfolio Lead at AWS. “By leveraging Amazon Bedrock for its Customer Intelligence 360 solution, SAS is providing access to the latest generative AI-powered tools for marketers across the globe. Additionally, SAS’ early adoption of Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock will help ensure that its customers continue to develop valuable, personalized and trustworthy customer experiences responsibly.”

The collaboration between SAS and AWS, the world’s most broadly adopted cloud provider, empowers brands with technology and flexibility that put data and AI to work to deliver insights that improve lives.

Today’s announcement came at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France. SAS remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, a hallmark of creativity.

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