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February 23, 2024

Salesforce Unveils Tableau Pulse for Faster Decision-Making with Generative AI and Analytics

Feb. 23, 2024 — Salesforce has announced the general availability of Tableau Pulse, making it easier for customers to make better, faster decisions with trusted generative AI and analytics. Tableau Pulse is included for free with all Tableau Cloud editions and Embedded Analytics solutions.

One of the top challenges for business leaders is finding ways to extract insights from their data. AI is the answer, with 80% of senior IT leaders saying generative AI can help their organization make better use of data.

Tableau Pulse uses generative AI to surface insights in both a natural language and visual format, making it easier to discover important metrics, gain insights, ask questions, and tie data to a real-world business context. And, with AI capabilities running through the Einstein Trust Layer, a secure AI architecture natively built into the Salesforce Platform, Pulse allows teams to benefit from generative AI without compromising their customer data.

Tableau Pulse features include:

  • Tableau Pulse Insights Platform, which automatically detects drivers, trends, contributors, and outliers for the metrics business users care about — within their flow of work — to help them make faster and more informed decisions. For example, Pulse can proactively alert marketing leaders to a dip in campaign performance using natural language and simple visual explanations. Pulse can then help marketers identify trends over time, determine whether these metrics fall within or outside the anticipated range, and provide recommendations to help them get their campaign back on track.
  • Tableau Pulse on Mobile, which proactively provides users with data insights in natural language directly on their mobile device, including Tableau Mobile, Slack, and email.
  • Tableau Pulse Slack Digest, which shares AI-generated summaries and contextual insights about key metrics in a preferred Slack channel using the Tableau for Slack app.
  • Tableau Pulse Metrics Layer, which helps analysts easily create standard metric definitions, a set of metadata that establishes meaning and business context of a metric. Tableau Pulse permits only one metric definition for a set of metadata, providing a single source of truth for customers.

Tableau Cloud is a fast and flexible analytics platform that helps business users make faster, data-driven decisions with confidence. New capabilities include:

  • Tableau Cloud AWS Marketplace Availability, which lets customers manage Salesforce offerings through AWS Marketplace — including advanced data analytics with Tableau. It helps IT leaders simplify billing, streamline procurement, and get a comprehensive view of IT spending, all in one place.
  • Visual Segment Creation in Data Cloud, which gives data analysts an easy way to create segments in Data Cloud, directly from their visual data exploration within Tableau. For example, a data analyst could use spatial mapping features in Tableau Cloud to create a geographic segment based on an arbitrary collection of zip codes on the map, and then bring those audience segments into Data Cloud to initiate marketing campaigns based on customers’ locations. Data Cloud enables companies to bring all of their trapped data into Salesforce to build a 360-degree view of customers across all products, services, and interactions.
  • Expanded data storage, which lets customers use more of their data in Tableau Cloud, with 1 TB of data storage and 5 TB with Advanced Management.

“Businesses everywhere are taking advantage of generative AI to drive efficiency and productivity for their teams,” said Southard Jones, Tableau’s Chief Product Officer. “Imagine having a newsfeed for your business that allows you to follow the key metrics that matter most. Tableau Cloud, combined with digestible, visual functionality from Tableau Pulse and real-time data from Data Cloud, is bringing AI-powered, personalized insights to workers, allowing them to make better and faster decisions backed by trusted data.”

More than 50 Salesforce partners globally, including Atrium, Biztory, Capgemini, Deloitte Digital, InterWorks, Keyrus, The Information Lab, and USEReady, have implemented Tableau Pulse. Now, these partners are helping customers gain visibility into areas like real-time manufacturing defects and equipment up-time data for the automotive industry, product performance and campaign ROI for the retail industry, revenue and margin insights for the consulting industry, and more.

Tableau Pulse is free with all Tableau Cloud editions and Embedded Analytics solutions. Existing Tableau Cloud or Embedded Analytics customers can simply go into settings and turn on Pulse, and then turn on the Insights Summaries within Pulse to enable generative AI functionality.

Tableau Cloud licenses include:

  • Tableau Creator is $75/user/month.
  • Tableau Explorer is $42/user/month.
  • Tableau Viewer is $15/user/month.

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Source: Salesforce