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May 24, 2023

SADA Partners with Google Cloud to Build and Deploy New, Generative-AI Powered Features

LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2023 — SADA, a leading business and technology consultancy and award-winning Google Cloud Partner, announced a new collaboration with Google Cloud to accelerate the deployment of generative AI solutions across its joint customer base. With this alliance, SADA will bolster its generative AI capabilities, help its global customer base accelerate their AI journey, and create new AI-powered features and experiences.

SADA has seen a growing demand for its recently launched ‘Generative AI discovery workshop’ that is tailored to help organizations reimagine their operating model, embrace automation, boost productivity, and create new revenue streams. The quick assessment serves two main customer categories:

  • Evaluators – helping customers understand Google Cloud’s generative AI solution portfolio and where it fits best, validating specific use cases, and sharing best practices on the integration strategy that centers around ensuring an effective and safe adoption.
  • Accelerators – leading solutions and architecture design for specific use case(s), integrating generative AI tools into a customer’s internal and/or external systems, and accelerating the deployment of Vertex AI and other foundational models.

SADA’s technical team of cloud experts believes the most desired use cases for AI are spread across five capabilities:

  1. Searching and summarizing complex content
  2. Creating new content
  3. Having automated human-like conversations
  4. Recommending personalized products
  5. Automating business processes and decision-making

SADA is also expanding its portfolio of point solutions, developing them internally as well as in strategic collaboration with some of its ISV partners and customers.

“The possibilities of leveraging Google Cloud’s generative AI are extremely exciting, and these tools will unlock quick and meaningful value for businesses. The key to success in the space is, and will continue to be, implementing generative AI tools thoughtfully while understanding how and where to mitigate risk in order to drive long-term, successful outcomes,” said Miles Ward, Chief Technology Officer for SADA. “Our new alliance will enable SADA’s team of experts to help businesses go to market with Generative AI features at greater scale and speed.”

“Generative AI has the potential to transform many of our most common processes at work and to unlock entirely new opportunities and value for businesses,” said Bron Hastings, VP, ISV Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud. “Partners like SADA will play a critical role helping customers understand the business case for generative AI and implementing Google Cloud generative AI quickly, responsibly, and at scale – so it’s exciting to see SADA further deepening its AI expertise and offerings for businesses.”

To learn more about SADA’s generative AI capabilities, click here.


SADA is a market leader in professional services and an award-winning solutions provider of Google Cloud. Since 2000, SADA has been committed to helping customers in healthcare, media, entertainment, retail, manufacturing, and the public sector solve their most complex challenges so they can focus on achieving their boldest ambitions. With offices in North America, India, and Armenia providing sales and customer support globally, SADA is positioned to meet customers where they are in their digital transformation journey.

Source: SADA