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October 5, 2023

Robust Intelligence and MongoDB Partner to Secure Generative AI and Enterprise Data

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 5, 2023 — Robust Intelligence, a leading end-to-end AI risk management company, today announced a partnership with MongoDB to help customers thoroughly and efficiently secure generative AI models enhanced with enterprise data. The offering combines Robust Intelligence’s real-time AI Firewall with MongoDB Atlas Vector Search for an enterprise-ready solution that enables responsible innovation.

Recent advancements in generative AI have motivated companies to experiment with potential applications, but a lack of security, ethical, and operational controls may have exposed companies to unmanaged risk. This challenge is exacerbated when sensitive company information is used to enrich pre-trained models, such as connecting vector databases, in order to increase the relevance to the end user.

The technology partnership between Robust Intelligence and MongoDB helps solve these challenges. Customers can confidently connect MongoDB Atlas Vector Search to any commercial or open-source large language models (LLMs) for retrieval-augmented generation knowing that Robust Intelligence’s AI Firewall is validating the inputs and outputs. This provides real-time protection against prompt injection, PII extraction, hallucination, and many other risks.

“Generative AI introduces an unmanaged security risk, which is compounded when enriching LLMs with supplemental data,” said Lena Smart, Chief Information Security Officer of MongoDB. “Robust Intelligence’s AI Firewall solves this critical problem, giving enterprises the confidence to use LLMs at scale. Our partnership makes it easier for customers to use generative AI while also keeping their data secure with guardrails in place.”

Through the integration, customers will also be able to pass AI Firewall logs to MongoDB to store historical data. This can be used to identify advanced security attacks that often manifest across a cluster of data points as opposed to a single data point, such as data poisoning and model extraction.

“Enterprises rely on MongoDB to streamline the development of AI-enriched applications. It’s essential that this sensitive information remains secure,” explained Yaron Singer, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Robust Intelligence. “We’re thrilled to bring the joint value of AI Firewall and MongoDB Atlas Vector Search to our customers.”

Robust Intelligence is part of the MongoDB Partner Program. To learn more and sign up for access to AI Firewall, please visit

About Robust Intelligence

Robust Intelligence is the leader in end-to-end AI risk management, protecting organizations from security, ethical, and operational risks. The company’s platform protects models in real time with AI Firewall and automates testing and compliance across the AI lifecycle through continuous validation. This combined approach enables Robust Intelligence to proactively manage risk for any model type and gives organizations the confidence to unleash the true potential of AI. The company is backed by Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global, and trusted by leading companies including ADP, JPMorgan Chase, Expedia, Deloitte, Cisco, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

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