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June 24, 2019

Reltio Introduces ML-based Match with Active Learning to Deliver Data Quality

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., June 24, 2019 — Reltio announced its newest release, version 2019.2 of Reltio Cloud that introduces advanced ML-based External Match and Active Learning features and includes major enhancements for quicker data modeling, wider connectivity and enhanced security that improve both IT productivity and business user efficiency.

According to the Forrester Report,L “Data Technology Pathfinder, December 19, 2018”, “Sculpting models, definitions, and rules into databases confined traditional data management systems to a one-size-fits-all platform. The first step to a flexible data management platform is to establish abstracted repositories and create exchange environments that frame data to consumption. The current generation of data quality tools (machine learning-based data quality and profiling tools, data preparation, machine learning data catalogs) emphasizes data governance and modeling data to align with data consumption.”

The report further noted, “Contextual services, also referred to as semantic services, have attained their own standing in the data landscape to contextually describe, manage, govern, and deliver data. By converging deep learning, machine learning, graph repositories, and search, semantic services become a powerful tool to personalize data and insight for consumption.”

Reltio Cloud 2019.2 features an External Match App that is powered by Machine Learning (ML). Enterprise users will be able to match data and resolve conflicts without having to setup tedious match rules. Reltio Cloud’s ML component allows users to verify and accept the match criteria which in turn progressively trains the machine toward finer levels of match. Users will be taken through a series of questions (active learning) that will help optimize the ML algorithms to make accurate predictions. For the first time ever, business users have a consistent way of matching and merging data for better quality, reliability and business value. The task that used to take weeks can now be done in a few hours.

Data teams can now focus their time and efforts for the greatest business impact such as improving customer experience, operational efficiency, and improved compliance, aligned to business value.

New features:

Faster Time-to-Value

ML-based Match IQ: The ML-based External Match feature allows users to verify and accept the match criteria which in turn progressively trains the machine towards finer levels of match without the need to set up any match rules

  • Enhanced Data Modeler: Enterprise users can now create new Entity Types and new Relationship Types through the Data Modeler application. The intuitive UI of the Data Modeler allows users to easily enrich the new Entity Types and the new Relationship Types by adding attributes enabling fast data modeling
  • Versatile Data Loader: Leveraging the power of the relationship graph is a key tenet of Reltio’s modern Master Data Management platform. The new data loader can now onboard entities as well as relationships with enriched mapping and attributes

Enhanced Data Security, Governance, and Compliance

  • Reltio Shield: Another new product offering in this release is Reltio Shield. Reltio Shield empowers organizations to safeguard their data in Reltio using their own generated encryption keys. It provides the security infrastructure for encrypting data stored in Reltio’s data repositories, using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit keys. It achieves this with no impact to users or applications. New keys can be introduced on demand or automatically by schedule, with background re-encryption of data and no service downtime. The product offering helps organizations comply with internal security policies and practices as well as external compliance and data privacy standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA/Hitech, and GDPR.

In addition to the above key new features, Reltio Cloud 2019.2 comes with many other enhancements such as workflow-based task management, data quality dashboards, and environment management that improves the end user experience and productivity.


About Reltio

Reltio Cloud is a modern Master Data Management (MDM) Platform for customer 360 used by Global 2000 companies to power their digital transformation and data compliance initiatives such as GDPR. Reltio continuously unifies and organizes data from all sources and formats, discovers new relationships and uses machine learning to improve data quality and deliver relevant insights. Learn more at

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