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December 4, 2020

Red Box and Deepgram Partner on Real-Time Audio Capture and Speech Recognition Tool

Dec. 4, 2020 — Dedicated voice specialist Red Box and leading automatic speech recognition (ASR) vendor Deepgram announced a partnership today that will provide enterprises with open access to and control of high-quality unstructured and structured audio data, and the freedom to leverage that data in any application they choose.

Conversa, the new and first truly open, microservices-based enterprise voice platform from Red Box, provides real-time, high quality audio capture. With state-of-the-art, deep learning and customizable speech recognition capabilities, Deepgram transforms this real-time audio stream into highly accurate transcripts for enterprises to leverage in AI, analytics and compliance solutions.

Both platforms have been engineered for flexibility and scalability and offer low compute footprints, market-leading total cost of ownership, and flexible deployment options.

“Red Box provides a high-quality, stereo audio feed that, combined with Deepgram’s cutting-edge model training and data-labeling, provides fast, scalable, enterprise-grade speech recognition and understanding,” says Shadi Baqleh, Chief Operating Officer at Deepgram.

“With voice data sets increasingly seen as a strategic asset awash with rich insights, timely access to high-quality audio and transcripts for AI engines to reason over is critical,” says Pete Ellis, CPO of Red Box.

“Our partnership with Deepgram delivers this, underpinned by market-leading infrastructure and TCO.”

Source: Red Box

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