May 13, 2014

RainStor 5.5 Certified to Run on HDP 2.1

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 13 — RainStor, provider of the most efficient enterprise data store for Big Data, today announced that RainStor 5.5 has been certified to run on Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.1, the industry’s only completely open, enterprise Hadoop platform. RainStor and Hortonworks have been collaborating since January 2012, when RainStor joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program offering a Big Data Archive solution on Hadoop for analytics against historical data to meet both business and compliance demands.

This new certification goes further, enabling Hortonworks’ customers to run RainStor natively on HDFS, while offering enterprise-grade security features — including data encryption and masking — integrated with a highly efficient data store that utilizes market-leading compression. RainStor was certified on a Kerberos-enabled HDP cluster running YARN, and was tested to ensure that RainStor’s compressed data files stored on HDFS remain fully accessible via Hive, Pig, and MapReduce, as well as RainStor’s own MPP SQL query engine, even when operating in a secure Hadoop environment.

“HDP provides an excellent compute and storage platform for our secure data archiving solution. With HDP, customers can scale out archives to address the need to store more records for longer, for both analytics and data governance purposes,” said Mark Cusack, chief architect at RainStor. “We always ensure that RainStor is supported on the latest Hortonworks release, so that our customers can take full advantage of new capabilities that become available as HDP moves forward.”

RainStor provides a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise features running on HDP to ensure data privacy, protection against insider threats, and also adherence to strict data governance and a number of industry-specific compliance regulations. Active Archive use-cases include off-load from enterprise data warehouses for which RainStor has custom-built connectors, including bi-directional data movement between Teradata and RainStor. This environment generally comprises sensitive, critical data that has to be managed and secured to exacting standards, which RainStor delivers while leveraging the power and scale of Hadoop.

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